Wet Goats and Wine at the Fiesta of San Abad

Fri, February 4th, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

Sunday dawned wet, cold (well, by Tenerife standards anyway) and miserable – not exactly ideal for trudging up into the northern hills of La Matanza, not far from Puerto de la Cruz,  for the San Abad blessing of the livestock and agricultural fair.

An annual event, the San Abad livestock fair sees several thousand head of cattle, goats, sheep and horses congregating in the little village of San Antonio. Farmers from surrounding districts bring their livestock to be judged and locals bring their pets to be blessed by the priest along with the rest of the animals.

It’s a day for socialising with neighbours, enjoying the food and drink on offer at the guachinches (wah-cheen-chays) (makeshift bars and restaurants) and doing a bit of buying and selling over a glass of wine.
The weather was miserable with a constant drizzle turning the ground into a quagmire of mud and animal droppings but the atmosphere, though strongly impregnated with the odour of wet goat, was warm and fun – particularly around the bar where sheltering from the rain was a good excuse for spending the afternoon eating and drinking.

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