What to Wear on your Tenerife Holiday

Wed, April 16th, 2014 - By Linda

One of the sorriest sights I’ve seen in the Canary Islands was a family clad in summer finery (including flips flops, and handbags), struggling up the Vilaflor trail to the Paisaje Lunar on a chill November morning. They might have been the perfect example of not dressing for the occasion I’ve ever seen.




Truth is, if you come in the summer months, and intend to lie on the beach all day, then you can pack as light as it gets, swimwear, shorts, T-shirts and sandals will take you almost anywhere, but if you come in other seasons you need a bit more. Although perhaps some of the enormous suitcases I’ve seen trundling around Reina Sofia airport are a bit excessive! So what do you need for your Tenerife holiday?

Sightseeing: No matter how you plan to get around the island, hire car, bus or jeep safari, you need to be prepared for almost anything if you come between, say, October and June. They say that you can experience all four seasons in one day on this island. As I write, the slopes of the Teide National Park are covered in snow. You might be up there this morning, throwing snowballs, and return to the beach of Los Cristianos to swim in the afternoon, passing through misty, autumnal pine forest and fields of spring flowers on your way down.


Teide National Park


The way to approach this climate is to dress in layers. If you begin in Playa de las Americas, perhaps you start out in T-shirt and shorts, but have a sweater and long trousers to slip on as the temperature drops, and finally you may want that winter jacket in which you travelled and some sturdy shoes when you get to the heights of the caldera – always remembering your sunscreen! As we’ve noted before, sunburn can happen even when you don’t think it’s very warm.


Picnic in the Forest


If you’re planning to visit churches and religious sites there is no need to cover up the way you need to in, say, Rome. People are welcomed in churches in both mini skirts and shorts, as well as with bare arms. Although you will find dignitaries dressed in formal attire at some of the religious fiestas, anything seems to go for the rest of the population, local or tourist.

Dining Out: Lots of you will be happy to hear that eating out almost anywhere from Puerto de la Cruz to Los Gigantes, is a very informal affair here. Guys, you can definitely leave your ties at home, and the only places you might need a jacket would be the swishiest hotels of Costa Adeje.


Beach Costa Adej


A recent glance around one of my favorite eateries, Empire, in Playa de las Americas, revealed a huge variety of fashion choices, from shorts and T-shirts to girls in glitzy dresses, heading for the discos after dining. In El Médano, though, at 8pm everyone was still in beach gear. It’s a much more chilled short of place!

Basically, you can wear almost anything you like in this gentle climate, but remember that in the evening outside of the summer season temperatures can drop. The trade winds ensure that we don’t have the sweltering nights other places on the same latitude experience, so you may find you need a cover-up of some sort.

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