Where and When to Watch a Carnival Parade on Tenerife

Wed, February 4th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Tenerife carnival is a chance to see something akin to Mardi Gras without the long haul flight to Rio. The most popular events for visitors are the parades. The biggest and best take place in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz but Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos bring some of the glamour of carnival directly to your resort with parades and parties some time after the north has hung up its false boobs for another year.


Carnival parade


Santa Cruz
Opening Parade (Cabalgata Anunciadora). Friday 13th February, 8pm. The parade will make its way over the course of more than three hours, along Avenida La Salle, past Plaza Weyler and along Calle Mendez Nuñez to the marina, ending in Avenida Francisco la Roche. If you want to see the dancers while they’ve still got stamina, join the crowds on Avenida La Salle.

Closing Parade (Cabalgata Apoteosis). Tuesday 17th February, 4pm. A public holiday on Tenerife, Carnaval Tuesday is when most visitors come to Santa Cruz to watch the closing parade. You’ll find seats (€2.50 last year) lining the route along Avenida Francisco la Roche. Expect to be there for a good 3 hours. At 8pm follow the crowds to Plaza Candelaria for fireworks and a party.


Carnival parade


Burial of the Sardine (Entierro de la Sardina). Wednesday 18th February, 9pm. The procession wails its way across the city before arriving on Avenida Marítima where the sardine is set alight. An impressive fireworks display accompanies the cremation.

Puerto de la Cruz
Opening Parade. Saturday 14th February, 8.30pm. The parade makes its way along San Felipe (behind Playa Jardin) to Plaza del Charco and then along Santo Domingo y Zamora. The harbour is a favourite place to catch it but you won’t be alone.

Burial of the Sardine. Wednesday 18th February, 9.30pm. Get your place at the harbour early to get a view of the cremation and fireworks. The fish and its noisy escort will arrive down Calle Blanco and through Plaza Charco.

High Heels Marathon (Mascarita Ponte Tacón). Friday 20th February, registration 8pm, race 10pm. Best way to see contestants without standing for four hours is to watch the registration in Plaza Charco, a lengthy and hilarious affair.


High Heels Marathon, Carnaval, Puerto de la Cruz


Closing Parade. Saturday 21st February, 4pm. Beginning outside the San Felipe Hotel, join the throngs along Colón in front of Lago Martiánez to get the best of the parade. You can expect to be there for a good two and a half to three hours.

Los Gigantes
Closing Parade. Sunday 1st March, 5pm (date & time to be confirmed). The parade snakes down from the roundabout with the sculpture of the fishwife, to the plaza.

Burial of the Sardine. Monday 2nd March, 8pm (date & time to be confirmed). The sardine  is carried through the town, via the plaza, to the car park at the Police Station (back of the Los Gigantes Hotel) for cremation.



Los Cristianos
Closing Parade. Sunday 15th March, 5pm (date & time to be confirmed). Beginning alongside the Arona Gran Hotel, the parade dances its way along to the Valdes Centre with plenty of room for spectators en route.

Burial of the Sardine. Monday 16th March, 8pm (date & time to be confirmed). The sardine is carried through the resort to the beach for its fiery farewell and fireworks.

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