Walking Routes From Tenerife’s Resorts

Fri, February 22nd, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

Tenerife is gaining a reputation as a top walking destination with a diverse countryside that offers a range of hiking routes that most places could only dream about.

However, not everyone wants to scale Spain’s highest mountain, El Teide or trek for 20 kilometres through ancient forests. Some people just enjoy stepping outside of their hotel and going for a walk.

The good news is that in the majority of resorts it’s possible to leave the forest of hotels behind without having to walk too far.


Los Cristianos from Montana Guaza

Walks From Los Cristianos
For anyone staying in Los Cristianos the way out of the resort is hard to miss. On the eastern end of the resort a trail leads up the side of Montaña Guaza. How far you walk is entirely up to you and although it’s a bit of a huff and a puff on the way up you don’t have to travel far for some impressive views along the south coast.

Walks From El Médano
Head towards Montaña Roja from El Médano for a super coastal walk through the dunes with a few curios to up the interest factor. At the red mountain there are a number of options; climb to the top for 360 degree views, skirt the sea facing base to see the sort of beach landscape you’d expect to find on Mars (usually populated by a few naked men) or take the inland path to reach the sprawling sands of Playa de la Tejita, one of Tenerife’s nicest natural beaches.


Montaña Roja, El Médano, Tenerife

Walks From Costa Adeje
From the El Duque end of Costa Adeje head west to La Caleta and beyond to break free from the concrete and along a coastline where there are still quiet coves to rest and sunbathe with no rows of sun-loungers in sight; although there might be no swimsuits in sight either.

Walks From Puerto de la Cruz
A path behind the Hotel Marítimo traverses one of the most stunning sections of Tenerife’s coast to the Rambla del Castro where there’s a fort, palm groves and hidden bays. From the La Paz area of Puerto de la Cruz, a trail leads through the banana plantations to my favourite beach on Tenerife at Playa Bollullo.


Banana Plantations, North Tenerife

Walks From Playa de la Arena
The Los Gigantes cliffs bar the way west, but a path in the other direction starting at Playa de la Arena skirts the coast and heads through banana plantations to reach the pretty little town of Alcalá with its tranquil plaza bordered by cafés and restaurants.


Montaña Amarilla, Costa del Silencio, Tenerife

Walks From Costa del Silencio
Tucked away behind the developments is Montaña Amarilla, a surprise of a nature spot that is at complete odds with the resort that surrounds it. As well as a sunbathing area, trails lead up, up and away. For a longer leg stretch, take the coastal path from Costa del Silencio to Las Galletas and into the Malpais de Rasca (Rasca badlands) beyond. There are eight kilometres of badlands to explore with paths meandering through a desert landscape to the Rasca lighthouse.

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3 Responses to “Walking Routes From Tenerife’s Resorts”

  1. Susan says:

    A very useful Article ..Many thanks ..

  2. Polly says:

    Hi, very useful, and you are quite right in saying nit everyone wants to walk the mountains or long distance. I will be staying in La Paz in January and the walk through banana plantation sounds perfect, but we’re does this start please, and how long does it take. Thank you.

    • From La Paz, one way is to walk along Calle Acevino to a roundabout at the eastern end of La Paz where the quiet road meets the TF31. Turn left on the path that leads back toward the coast and you’ll shortly come to an underpass which leads to the path through the bananas and to Playa Bollulo. Depending on where you will be staying in La Paz, it should be no more than about 2.5km to the beach.

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