Unpretentious Gourmet Dining at Los Roques

Fri, June 13th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

Too often, the pomp and pretentiousness of gourmet dining spoils the whole experience for me. I mean, who wants to sit in a restaurant with all the atmosphere of your average reading library? Head to the elegant, harbour side terrace of Los Roques and you can have your gourmet cake and eat it in a friendly, relaxed environment.


Los Roques, los Abrigos, Tenerife


Wander along the harbour of Los Abrigos after dark and your eyes will be drawn to the red glow of Los Roques restaurant, snuggled between the neon glare of its neighbours. It’s a warm glow that extends beyond the lighting and into a restaurant where comfort and intimacy have been given equal billing with uncluttered, contemporary elegance. Original oil paintings adorn the otherwise plain walls and there’s a gentle buzz of lively conversation to which the soft notes of funky Jazz provide the background music. It’s a laid back atmosphere and it’s highly contagious.


Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos, Tenerife


Faced with a menu where I want to try everything, I follow owner Peter’s recommendations and order the herb-crusted beef carpaccio followed by sea bass with Italian bean stew. Jack opts for a starter of Tod Mun Pla fish cakes followed by slow roasted, short rib beef.

As we watch the moon dancing on the water, Peter brings us the evening’s hors d’oevre of a mini orange and carrot soup topped with a potato mousse, and three types of home made bread with three pâté’s. The mini soup is savoury and creamy with a warm afterglow of ginger and cardamom. I normally prefer to give the rolls a wide berth in favour of ensuring I still have room for dessert but this trio of cheese, olive and beetroot bread with tapenade, almogrote and hummus are too good to ignore.


Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos, Tenerife


Luckily, my starter of beef carpaccio is as light as a summer breeze and the whisper thin strips of beef topped with slivers of parmesan cheese simply melt in the mouth. Jack’s Thai fish cakes are a perfect balance of lemongrass-infused flavour in golden batter with a spicy undertone, softened by cucumber and sweetened with chilli jam.


Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos, Tenerife


My herb encrusted sea bass is cooked to perfection, its flesh moist, firm and flavoursome. Set on a bed of Italian beans in a rich, tomato sauce and a medley of roasted vegetables, the dish invokes the colours and flavours of the Mediterranean. Jack’s amazingly tasty short rib beef, on the other hand, has the distinct flavour of young, aromatic lamb. Peter explains that this is one of the tastiest cuts of beef there is and the slow roasting just serves to enhance the flavour even more.


Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos, Tenerife


When it comes to dessert, Jack’s Bailey’s ice cream truffle is dark and sultry with a velvety texture but it’s surpassed by my avocado and lime sorbet on an almond biscuit with thyme scented white chocolate sauce – a creamy, dreamy blend of citrus and chocolate.

Los Roques fuses creative, gourmet food using the finest ingredients with a sophisticated, relaxed ambience in a romantic waterside setting. It’s a winning combo that is bringing Peter, Andrew and the team deserved plaudits and a Spain-wide reputation for excellence.

Los Roques, Calle La marina,16, Los Abrigos; (+34) 922 74 94 01 or email [email protected] or book online. Starters average €9, main courses average €19, desserts average €8

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