Tram Spotting In Santa Cruz

Tue, November 2nd, 2010 - By Colin

Chugging past the Dorada brewery and up into the higher reaches of Santa Cruz I can see Tenerife’s capital city spread out below with ferries and cruise ships heading out into the Atlantic. Some students are taking advantage of the free on board Wi Fi  and a cyclist relaxes with their bike firmly secured by one of several harness’s provided. This is life on the Santa Cruz tram, barely four years after its first trip it has become a popular and well used part of metropolitan culture.

It would be difficult to tick many more boxes, the 56 seater trams (200 including standing) produce 40% less CO2 than road traffic, are driven by 66 watts an hour of electricity, and look mighty fine like sleek multi-coloured snakes weaving quietly through the streets.

Line One links the main bus station and interchange with the University suburb of La Laguna and was joined in May 2009 by the short Line Two run between Tincer and La Cuesta. More new lines and extensions are planned to serve the north airport and various other extremes around the Santa Cruz area. Money might slow their progress in these tight times, the first line cost 305.6 million euros.

For travellers it’s all easy on the pocket, any trip is a mere 1.30 euros or 2.45 return with reductions if you use a Bono multi trip ticket (also taken on the TITSA bus system). Ticket machines at every stop means no cash is needed on board but inspectors do check and hand out 400 euro fines to free-loaders, so make sure you punch your Bono card in the reader on board.

The trams add a bright modern feel to Santa Cruz and with no exhaust smoke or noise they live in harmony with the historic museums, grand houses and landmarks that they glide past. The familiar soft chime that warns of their approach has become a welcome part of every day life in the capital and their sunken tracks give them priority as they leave car drivers cursing and beeping in their wake. All aboard – it’s a pleasant way to explore the bustling shopping streets and quieter backwaters of Santa Cruz.

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