Touring Tenerife By Titsa Bus: Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Los Gigantes

Wed, April 25th, 2012 - By Colin

Here’s a cheap, easy, and fun way to explore Tenerife. Climb aboard a jolly green giant and let the public bus service show you that the journey can be as important as the destination. All you need is a multi-ride Bono ticket for big discounts (available at many shops and bus stations – look for the green Bono sticker) and a timetable, and off you go.

Let’s start by linking Los Gigantes on the west coast with Los Cristianos and Playa de Las Americas in the heart of the southern tourist zone. If you want the quick 60 minute version the 477 has fewer stops but is only hourly and not at weekends. For the full cruise take the 473, every 30 minutes, reducing to hourly later in the day. Allow 90 minutes for this coastal tour with some great stop off points to tempt you.

From the south end Adeje is an early detour, as you loop up off the motorway the proud statue of a Guanche warrior holding a spear can be your hint to get off next stop. This puts you in the centre of the town, head up hill and you will find the palm lined main road of Calle Grande. Lovely bars and restaurants with cheap tapas and pavement cafes are good resting points up the steep but sedate road to the local council building, ancient church, and the plaza with its panoramic views over tabletop mountain Roque del Conde and several barrancos (ravines) that carve history deep into the rocks. At the top head for the old battlements and canon, and down into the other side of town with the huge murals on the playground wall and on to the modern church and clear views over the sea to La Gomera.

Near the western end of the route you can hop off at Playa San Juan with its small fishing port, and recently upgraded sandy beach with pleasant promenade and a short climb to a cliff top walk. The church and plaza are worth a look and a nice mix of bars and restaurants past the harbour wall are popular vantage points to watch the sea crashing in.

A little further west is the small and largely unspoilt fishing village of Alcala where sun worship and sea bathing take place from the concrete quayside around the small bay. The plaza is the hub of the village and features a Monday morning market. Fish lovers can choose from a couple of fine restaurants nearby.

Uniting these villages is a rugged but fairly easy coastal path. From Playa San Juan the craggy outcrops and rock pools are beautiful but at one point there is a choice of clambering down and up a gap in the path or going round it with a slight diversion through the tiny settlement of Fonsalia. From Alcala  you can experience modern and ancient starting with a new path and play area complimenting the lush 5 star Gran Melia Palacio hotel and going on past deserted banana plantations. The sea gets much wilder here at Punta Blanca, a popular surf spot, before you emerge just short of Playa del Arena with its black sand beach, leading into Puerto Santiago and eventually down towards the towering cliffs of Los Gigantes.

The main road and bus route shadows the coast through Playa San Juan, Alcala, and Playa del Arena so you can mix and match where you get on and off. Buses are comfortable, fairly reliable, and even run a slightly reduced service on all holidays including Christmas and New Year. Bono tickets are 12 or 30 euros, can be shared, and the last few cents can be topped up with cash – still at the discount price. For timetables check the website or the bus stop board. Happy exploring.

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  1. I almost always take the bus to Santa Cruz, unless there is a compelling reason not to! Comfy and air-conditioned why would I want to spend that 40 minutes battling traffic in my car? You also get to see so much more. I love looking down into the barrancos en route, at all that wild scenery.

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