Touring Tenerife by Bus and Tram, Santa Cruz and La Laguna

Wed, June 13th, 2012 - By Colin

Once the convenience and cheapness of the Tenerife public bus routes have impressed you, it’s time to head north to the capital city, Santa Cruz, to experience the modern tram system.

Tram and bus, Santa Cruz

I promise you won’t fall off the edge of the island if you get ambitious, Santa Cruz is just over an hour away from Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos and it’s coastal views all the way. The 110 bus is a direct service with few stops and takes an hour, the 111 pops down to the south airport and slips off the TF 1 motorway to serve various villages and towns along the way.

The wind turbines will tickle your funny bone and satisfy your green conscience as you head past Granadilla, and precarious fishermen will catch your eye from the rocks at Abades. Candelaria is a good stop off to see the Guanche statues and the church that draws pilgrims to worship the effigy of the Virgin of Candelaria, the patron saint of the Canary Islands.

La Laguna

Rising past the refinery you will soon round the headland to see the oil tankers basking just offshore and the hook nosed Auditorium gleaming white just beyond. Titsa buses get fast-tracked into the city center via exclusive lanes and tunnels so you pitch up in the shopping heart of Santa Cruz as you slip into the three tier modern bus station.

Head down and out through the station concourse for the tram, your Bono multi ride bus ticket will give you a free trip up to La Laguna – but make sure you pop it in the scanner on board. A single trip is 1.35 euros and even out of peak times the frequency is every 15 minutes. The tram glides up to La Laguna in 40 minutes, first passing historic museums and the theatre, on past the La Paz fountains and up where the city and port spread out below. I always get strange looks for cheering as it passes the Dorada brewery but most people are relaxed by the smooth motion and many take advantage of the free Wi Fi on board.

La Laguna

Coming into La Laguna the large expanse of the University dominates and another strident Guanche statue ushers you past the Museum of Science and the Cosmos with its massive satellite dish on the roof. La Trinidad is the terminus but each stop is announced after a little harp flourish and routes are posted all along the tram ceiling much like on the London Underground. La Trinidad is at the edge of the historic pedestrianized area of this ancient city, perfect for the museums, bars, cafes and frequent live street art and music.

La Laguna

The trams normally run from 6am to midnight but on Friday and Saturday there is also a 30 minute service through the night. A driver’s cab at each end gives clear views – I watched a passenger video the whole journey over the drivers shoulder on one trip. Such devotion is not compulsory but the tram is clean and impressive, a smaller second line cuts across at the half way point and there are plans to expand to four lines including an extension to serve the north airport. For now sit back and enjoy the ride. All aboard.

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4 Responses to “Touring Tenerife by Bus and Tram, Santa Cruz and La Laguna”

  1. Colin Kirby says:

    It just got better – the tram company have just introduced a 24 hour tram ticket costing 4.5 euros for unlimited travel. Perfect if you are in the capital for a show etc and staying overnight.

  2. Polly says:

    Can I get transport from La Paz to La Laguna in January.

  3. The bus routes operate between Puerto de la Cruz and La Laguna all year round Polly with a reduced service at weekends and on fiesta days. All buses leaving Puerto stop at La Paz and there are a couple of lines that pass through La Laguna but the 102 is the quickest (some only go via the North Airport).

  4. Dawn says:

    Hi how far is the tram station from the port as I am arriving there via ship next week

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