Three Top Tenerife Tapas Restaurants

Mon, June 20th, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

I love tapas. It’s not just the food itself that I enjoy, but the fact that I can have bite-sized portions of an entire menu which perfectly suits my dithering inability to select just one dish when there are so many culinary delights to choose from. I also love the social aspect of eating tapas, everyone ordering two or three items and then sharing the foody bounty, declaring favourites and ones to avoid in the future.

For me, there’s only one thing better than a good tapas restaurant, and that’s a choice of good tapas restaurants and here on Tenerife, we’re lucky enough to have quite a few. Here are three of my favourites:

Bar Luis
Wander through the entrance to El Rincón in Plaza Charco in the heart of Puerto de la Cruz and you’ll arrive in the open courtyard of a traditional Canarian mansion. The tables and chairs of three restaurants fill the courtyard in the shade of a huge palm tree. Take a table at Bar Luis, order a selection from their lip-smackingly good menu and pass the next couple of hours in tapas heaven. Personal favourites are the churros de pescado – juicy cod in a herb, crisp batter and pimientos de Padrón – tasty fried green peppers which occasionally kick like a mule. Their alioli (garlic mayonnaise) is highly addictive too.

Cha Paula
Tucked away in a side street in the restaurant district of La Ranilla, nobody does chopitos and chipirones like Cha Paula. Chopitos are crispy, tiny fried squid and chipirones are baked, succulent small squid. They also do a mean and spicy sausage de Terór which arrives at the table in flames. The restaurant is very traditionally decorated with farm implements and old photographs of Puerto adorning the walls and best of all, their home produced red wine (vino del país) is strong, fruity and cheap – a delightfully dangerous combination.

El Timón
On the town centre waterfront in the über-cool surfer’s resort of El Médano, El Timon has a few tables squashed onto a small terrace jutting out over the sea while the rest are on the rooftop. It’s the perfect place to crack a Dorada beer and idle a lunch away with Montaña Roja on the horizon. Show stoppers here are  the specials which the restaurant prepares daily, and last time I was there I had some amazing stuffed peppers and stuffed eggs.

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