Top Tenerife Road Trips To Try

Mon, October 8th, 2012 - By Andrea Montgomery

Admittedly I’m no Jack Kerouac and Tenerife’s Route 66, were it to have one, would only run to 86km as opposed to 3,945km and even if you stop off at all the interesting places you’ll pass through en route, you’ll only make them last, oh, all of a day, but I couldn’t get a catchy alliteration out of ‘drives’.



The Masca Run. The closest thing Tenerife has to the Stelvio Pass is the white knuckle drive to Masca down the cliffside from Santiago Del Teide. For passengers it’s a jaw-dropping drive where the earth seems to fall away into an abyss from which a prehistoric paradise arises. For the driver it’s either a nerve-jangling test of spacial awareness and burning brake discs or one of the best drives you’ve ever undertaken, depending on your skills, experience and who you’re stuck behind.

Save yourself the hassle of repeating the exercise on the return journey by continuing the drive through Masca and on to El Palmar, Buenavista, Los Silos and Garachico before returning to Santiago Del Teide via Icod de los Vinos. You’ll see far more of Tenerife than on any blanket trip.

Pine forest


The Spine. It’s not often that you can stand looking out over one side of an island and then cross the road to see all the way to the coast on the other side, but you can when you drive from La Laguna to Teide National Park along the island’s backbone.

Volcanoes, pine forests, nose-clearing eucalyptus trees and extraordinary rock formations are all to be discovered and it’s easy peasy on the driver too, so everyone gets to enjoy the views.



The Forgotten Road. This is a name we made up (nice, eh?) when we were writing our Island Drives guide. It’s labelled on maps as the TF28 and it’s the road that runs above the coast between Candelaria and Los Cristianos. Linking all sorts of fascinating stop-offs from San Miguel de Abona to Güímar, the road is a 67km stretch of switchbacks across a series of bridges that traverse the endless barrancos.

An excellent road trip for anyone interested in Tenerife’s rural hinterland and one to be avoided if you get car sick.



The Magic Tunnel. A short but fascinating road trip is to take the TF445 Punta Teno road from Buenavista del Norte that takes you through the magic tunnel.

As you leave the outskirts of the town, a series of warning signs written in 3 metre high letters and four languages would scare the bejeezus out of the most confident of drivers but basically mean – if it’s raining hard or blowing a hoolie, don’t go. Otherwise, take a deep breath and plunge into the darkness of the roughly hewn tunnel to emerge the other side in a different climate zone. This trick works best on a cloudy day in Buenavista.

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  1. SO agree with you about “the forgotten road.” It really is an insight into what the island really is!

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