Top ten things to do in Tenerife

Thu, October 7th, 2010 - By Andrea Montgomery

There are lots of excursions organised on Tenerife to take you from the peak of Mount Teide to the Masca Valley and many places in between. But if you want to break free from the tour buses and discover some of the hidden delights that the island has to offer, here are my recommendations for fab things to do:

  • 1. Swim in the rock pools at Garachico
    In what has to be the best example of turning a disaster to an advantage ever, Garachico’s rock pools are hewn from the lava of a volcanic eruption that immersed the town. Choose a hot, hot day and paddle, dive into, swim in, or just explore aquamarine pools filled with shimmering, rainbow tropical fish.
  • 2. Walk the Masca Barranco
    This is just the coolest thing to do. Pack sandwiches and hike down the barranco (gorge) from the hamlet of Masca to the sea (3 hours). Spend an hour or so eating, swimming and sunbathing on Masca beach and then get the little boat that takes you back to Los Gigantes. How fabulous is that?
  • 3. Picnic in the forest
    When in Tenerife, do what the Tinerfeñans do. Pack enough food to stock a small café and add a flagon or two of wine to keep it company. Then head up into the pine forests to one of the picnic sites, or zonas recreativas as they’re known,  and eat, drink and play until you fall asleep in the dappled, pine scented paradise. Bliss.

  • 4. Play a round of golf
    Tenerife’s eight courses are designed by the likes of Seve Ballesteros and Dave Thomas and have greens overlooking breathtaking Atlantic views framed by swaying palm trees. If you’re a golfer, bring your clubs; if you’re married to a golfer, bring several good books and expect to next see him or her back at the airport.
  • 5. Visit the Botanical Gardens
    Polish up your Ant and Dec impersonation and head to the Botanical Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz. Fight your way through the dense jungle undergrowth, past plants whose leaves qualify as lethal weapons and terrapins that’ll have your finger tip soon as look at you; to a tranquil, dragonfly-filled water lily pond. If you get lost, try shouting “I’m a Celebrity!”

  • 6. Dive at Las Galletas
    The wreck of a Spanish coaster; black volcanic columns and staircases like a mini Atlantis and deep caverns where moray eels lurk behind a statue dedicated to Jacques Cousteau… for those with the bottle (groan) to dive, Tenerife’s waters hold some amazing sights.
  • 7. Visit Pueblo Chico
    How do you take the family to see the whole of Tenerife without the constant whining of “are we there yet?” Easy, take them to Pueblo Chico. This isn’t just a model village; it’s the entire Canary Islands in miniature, down to every last detail. Masses of moving parts and funny little cameo scenes keep smiles on faces.
  • 8. See the Carmen Mota Show
    Brilliant music; posers on the dance floor; men in tight trousers; strutting prima donnas; making love under the guise of dancing Flamenco; lust, love and loss… Saturday night at Veronicas? No, the Carmen Mota show in Playa de Las Américas. There’s no other word for it – this is SEXY.
  • 9. Visit the Pyramids of Güímar
    Long before they invented Ambre Solaire, sun worshippers already inhabited Tenerife; but without the aid of RyanAir, it’s still unclear to scientists exactly how they got here. Güímar’s stepped pyramids are one theory in the enduring mystery of how the island’s first inhabitants arrived. A theme park that educates – now there’s a novelty.
  • 10. Bob
    Apart from being the perfect opportunity to come up with endless ‘double entendres’ about slipping into Bob, this is your chance to really go all James Bond in Puerto Colón. Straddling a scooter with your head inside a Breathing Observation Bubble is my kind of diving – all the wonders of the deep without even getting your hair wet.
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