My Top Ten Tenerife Restaurants

Sat, September 15th, 2012 - By Andrea Montgomery

As the title of this blog says, these are the best ten restaurants on Tenerife in my opinion and I make no apologies for the list being entirely biased. There are lots of restaurants I have yet to try which may well make it onto here and knock something else off but for the moment, these are my top recommendations. If you want to throw your favourites in too, feel free.


El Rincon de Juan Carlos

1. El Rincón de Juan Carlos
If food’s your thing and you know your coulis from your compote, get yourself down to this award winning restaurant behind the plaza in Los Gigantes. Personally I’d walk barefoot through the snow just for one of their bread rolls, a claim I’m unlikely ever to have to prove – phew.

2. El Duende
Any restaurant that has been patronised by the gourmet idol Ferran Adriá, not to mention Prince Felipe and his dad, aka King Juan Carlos, has to be special and this one doesn’t disappoint. In a traditional house tucked away in a non-descript barrio of Puerto de la Cruz, it’s a culinary hidden diamond.


Lucas Maes

3. Lucas Maes
When the best chefs on the island eat there, you know you’re onto a winner. The inauspicious setting of a slip road to the motorway in La Orotava is where you’ll find this renovated manor house with its handsome Belgian chef and his incredible culinary creations.


Mil Sabores

4. Mil Sabores
A beautifully restored traditional Canarian house in Puerto’s fishing quarter is the setting for the ‘Thousand Flavours’ of this popular venue. It’s a creative Mediterranean menu with lots of options for veggies and quite possibly the best chocolate profiteroles on the planet – no exaggeration there then.

5. El Rincon de Roberto
Head up to the beautiful spa village of Vilaflor in high summer and this is the place to seek shade in. Or go in winter and when the low cloud descends with its chill, head for the wood fire. Either way, order the Canarian degustación and enjoy some of the best cooked, traditional food around. Not one for the veggies I’m afraid.


Otelo garlic chicken

6. Otelo
As far removed from the gourmet set in both food and price as it’s possible to get, I can’t get enough of Otelo’s garlic chicken and their fabulous views over the Barranco Del Infierno in Adeje. Cheap as chips, finger lickin’ good and any other cliché I can think of.

7. La Bodeguita Del Enfrente
Falling somewhere in between tapas and full main courses, the picoteo portions at Tasca La Bodeguita Del Enfrente in Cuesta de la Villa near Santa Ursula are consistently delicious and their puding de pasas is just like the bread and butter pudding Mum used to make – sniff.

8. The Oriental
I’m a sucker for Thai and Oriental food and I’ve had more than my fair share of disappointment when it comes to trying to find good Thai food outside of Thailand. But this lovely restaurant at the Hotel Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz hits the spot with its authentic flavours and presentation. Not cheap, but worth it.

9. La Laja
Exceptional value for money, the La Laja à la carte restaurant of the Hotel Costa Adeje Gran in Costa Adeje has traditional Canarian dishes with a gourmet touch, and the view over the rooftop pool is rather splendid too, especially at sunset. Open to non-residents with its own entrance from the street.


Cofradia, Puerto de la Cruz

10. Cofradia
Fish lovers should look out for these establishments all over the island from Los Cristianos to Bajamar. My personal favourite is also happily on my doorstep at the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz. Fish, fresh and simply cooked is what you get at a cofradia de pescadores.

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  1. Tenerife is highly known for its restaurants. The pictures you shared are so delicious.. just feeling yummy! Specially the garlic chicken preparation.

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