Top Ten Places to Shop for Fruit and Vegetables on Tenerife

Fri, October 28th, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

If you want to savour the very best of the produce of Tenerife’s fertile soil, head to a farmer’s market and revel in the freshness, colour and variety of fruit and vegetables on offer. Here are my suggestions for the top 10 places to pick up a pepper or two:

Tacoronte. To my mind, Tacoronte is the number one farmer’s market on Tenerife. Stall after stall of fruit and veg so fresh you can still smell the soil, teamed with local wines, crafts and all manner of produce. On the Tacoronte to Tejina road (Saturdays and Sundays 9am to 2pm)

Señora de Africa. Fruit, vegetables, exotic cut flowers, plants, dairy, meat, herbs, spices, fish – you name it. If it grows, swims, walks or stands still long enough for someone to harvest it, you’ll find it here.  Alongside the T.E.A. in Santa Cruz (every day 6am to 3pm)

La Matanza. Fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and nursery plants all locally produced. As this is wine producing country you’ll also find plenty of the red and white stuff with hand written labels and all the taste of the fruit. On the La Orotava to Santa Ursula road (Saturday and Sunday 7am to 2pm)

Santa Catalina. Newly opened, this purpose built farmer’s market has all the goodness of the terraces combined with fresh local goats’ cheeses and a 24 hour weekend café. On the Puerto de la Cruz to Icod de Los Vinos road (Saturday and Sunday 9am to 2pm)

Cruz del Carmen. Fresh seasonal fruit and veg as well as local produce in a forest setting in the Anaga Mountains. Over indulgence in produce testing can be walked off in any number of directions. On the La Laguna to Las Mercedes road (Saturday 9am to 2pm, Sunday 10am to 2pm)

La Laguna. My favourite place for picking up the Christmas veg as they’re more likely to  have the ones others don’t – like parsnips and fresh chestnuts. Big, bright, clean and packed to its rafters with fresh goodness. Plaza del Cristo, La Laguna (every day 7am to 2pm)

Mercado Municipal. Conveniently located one storey above an Altesa supermarket so you can stock up on everything at once, these permanent stalls are stocked with the freshest of farmer’s produce. Avenida Blas Pérez González, Puerto de la Cruz (Monday to Saturday 9am to 2pm)

Adeje. Fresh produce beautifully displayed and a chance to explore the lovely old town behind the Costa Adeje coast. Calle Archajara, opposite Makro (Saturday and Sunday 8am to 2pm)

Tegueste. Not so much a shopping trip as a day out, make any excuse to head to the gorgeous village of Tegueste. Rustic goodness by the sack load and some mighty fine wines direct from the producers. On the La Laguna to Bajamar road (Saturday and Sunday 8.30 to 2pm)

Roadside stalls. Ranging from mini supermarket size to one man and his mushrooms, you’ll find plenty of roadside stalls, particularly around the north of the island. Always seasonal and as fresh as an Italian waiter, they’re well worth stopping for.

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    hi..we are looking for a wholesale outlet to supply us with fresh oranges and apples on a daily basis..could you recommend some local to south of tenerife..

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