Five Top Burger Bars in the North of Tenerife

Fri, August 22nd, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

It’s no secret that I’m a foodie. Whether I’m tucking into posh nosh at Lucas Maes or El Rincon de Juan Carlos; enjoying a taste of tradition at El Calderito or El Pimentón or finding fabulous value for money at Otelo‘s or in some guachinche, food is one of life’s greatest joys for me and I won’t be sold short on it. So when I fancy a burger, I’m not going to settle for some cheap and nasty, frozen, tasteless piece of homogenised rubbish. When it comes to what to put in a bun, quality counts, and here in the north of Tenerife we’re lucky enough to have some great burger places. These are my top five…


Burger, Burger Mel's, Santa Cruz


In fifth place on my list is one for the vegetarians. Burger Mel in Santa Cruz serves meat-free junk food, from hot dogs and meatballs to burgers. The restaurant is bright, modern and roomy; staff are friendly and efficient, and the burgers are great value at under €3.
Calle La Marina, 71


Burger, Salinas Express, Puerto de la Cruz


In fourth place is Salina Express in Puerto de la Cruz. Fat, meaty burgers with enough salad and cheese topping to stretch the jaw bone on a bite and plenty of flavour. You can choose from chicken, beef or hamburgers, as well as hot dogs and sandwiches. Incidentally, they also have good veggie burgers. Fast, friendly and great value (most burgers are under €3, veggie burgers €3.70) this place is rarely devoid of burger chompers.
Plaza Europa


Burger, Gulliver's, Puerto de la Cruz


Third in my top five is Gulliver’s in Puerto de la Cruz. A relative newcomer to the burger scene, Gulliver’s gourmet burgers are creating waves amongst the burger cognoscenti and with good reason. Their Texas, Swiss and Deluxe gourmet burgers are quality meat topped with fresh, local ingredients and smothered in finger-lickin’ sauces. Their chocolate brownies are also legendary although I have yet to try them.
Calle San Juan, 15


Burger, La Oficina, El Sauzal


Runner-up on my burgermeister list is La Oficina. Formerly in the La Villa shopping centre in La Orotava, la Oficina is now in El Sauzal so I have less opportunity to visit. Their burgers are 100% beef suffused with fresh herbs and until a few weeks ago were unbeatable in my book. Their fries are also addictively delicious. The reason La Oficina comes in above Gulliver’s is because their actual burgers are bigger and beefier even though their toppings are smaller. For me, it’s all about the burger.
Carretera General del Norte, 119


Burger, Blanco Burger Bar, Puerto de la Cruz


And the winner is (fanfare please)… the brand new Blanco Burger Bar in Puerto de la Cruz (I suspect you’re beginning to understand why I live in Puerto). This bright and funky burger bar only opened a few weeks ago and offers knock-out custom burgers. Choose your meat, how it’s cooked, your relish and extras and sit back and let the anticipation build. Chunky, lean, moist beef, cooked to perfection and loaded with succulent, smoky flavour. This was a tough call between first and second place but Blanco Burger Bar just shades it.
Calle Blanco, 1

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3 Responses to “Five Top Burger Bars in the North of Tenerife”

  1. Belinda Ratcliffe says:

    A query – NOT about burgers – but about Arlequin in Playa San Juan, which you mentioned as a romantic venue. When we were last there (May this year) Arlequin had shut and somebody else was going to open up on the same site. Do you have any update?

    • Hi Belinda, we had heard that there was an issue with Arlequin earlier this year. We’ll be in the south west in the next couple of weeks and will check it out and update on here. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

    • Hi Belinda, we finally made it to Playa San Juan a week or so ago and you are sadly absolutely right – Arlequín is no longer there and has been replaced by San Borondón restaurant. We didn’t have time to try the new place but it’s on our ‘to do’ list so keep an eye on the blog for a review appearing in the future. We’re very sorry to have lost Arlequín – it was such a brilliant place. We’re hoping Carlos will make a full recovery and that he and Veronica will open another restaurant in the future but for now, we’re in the dark as to what has become of them.

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