Time to Try Tenerife’s Wines

Wed, July 10th, 2013 - By Jack Montgomery

Every so often we write about wine on Tenerife. Linda recently wrote about a visit to Bodega Comarca Valle de Güimar which produces a light and flirty vino blanco afrutado (fruity white).

However, a question on a travel advisory sight made me realise that there are still a lot of people out there who don’t realise that Tenerife produces its own wines.

Somebody asked for suggestions for a good local white wine. Although there were around 20 replies, not one Tenerife wine was actually mentioned.

To help those of you who enjoy trying the local vino when you travel, here’s our guide to the wine making regions of Tenerife.


Wine and Pimientos de Padron, Tenerife


Look for the Label: Tacoronte-Acentejo
The Tacoronte-Acentejo label of denomination covers wine growing areas along the north east coast of Tenerife – Santa Cruz, La Laguna, El Rosario, Santa Ursula, Tegueste, Tacoronte, El Sauzal and La Victoria. It’s the largest wine growing region on the island and is known for its award winning red wines although some bodegas do produce whites, rosé and sweet wines.

Main Grape Varieties: Listán Negro and Negramoll.

Recommended Bodega Visits: Monje in El Sauzal and El Lomo in Tegueste.

Look for the Label: Valle de la Orotava
As the name suggests, this label covers vineyards in and around the La Orotava Valley including Los Realejos, La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz.

The Orotava Valley was known in the 18th century as a great malmsey vineyard. Now, the wines from the valley are a bit of a mix with whites, reds and rosé all being produced in decent amounts.

Main Grape Varieties: Listán Blanco and Listán Negro.

Recommended Bodega Visit: Bodega Valleoro.


Wine Barrels, Tenerife


Look for the Label: Ycoden Daute Isora
This label refers to vineyards in the north and west of Tenerife and includes Icod de los Vinos, Santiago del Teide, San Juan de la Rambla, La Guancha, Garachico, Los Silos, El Tanque and Guia de Isora.

The Ycoden area is known for its whites and rosé although it does produce reds as well.

Main Grape Varieties: Listán Blanco, Listán Negro and Negramoll.

Recommended Bodega Visit: Bodega Viñatigo.

Look for the Label: Abona
The south of Tenerife’s main wine region covers vineyards in Arona, Adeje, Granadilla, San Miguel, Vilaflor, Fasnia and Arico.

The dry climate in this region means that it’s best for whites, rosé and malmsey although, like everywhere else, it covers the whole range and produces reds as well.

Main Grape Varieties: Listán Blanco.

Recommended Bodega Visit: Tierra de Frontos.


Wine Shop, Tenerife


Look for the Label: Valle de Güímar
Quite simply, wines produced in Güímar, Candelaria and Arafo.

Again this is mainly white wine country with lovely afrutados (light fruity wines) but vineyards also produce good reds, rosé and sparkling and sweet wines.

Main Grape Varieties: Listán Blanco and Listán Negro.

Recommended Bodega Visit: Bodega Comarca Valle de Güimar.

You can buy a decent selection of Tenerife wines in any good supermarket. Tenerife wines aren’t the cheapest on the shelves (most are around €6/7) but it’s a small price to pay to sample some authentic local wine produced from volcanic soil.

Note: Most of the time it’s better to arrange visits to bodegas rather than turn up on spec.

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4 Responses to “Time to Try Tenerife’s Wines”

  1. Mary Graham says:

    I am looking for a case of good dry white for Christmas. I am in the South but can travel

    • Hi Mary,

      You’re in the right place as the south is better for whites and the north better for reds, generally speaking. Try Brumas de Ayosa seco blanco (from Abona). Their 2011 dry white won gold at the Canarian wine awards in 2012. They also do a very good afrutado. Frontos Blanco Seco Ecológico (2011) is also worth trying – it won the best eco wine in the Canaries in 2012. Have a look at this article about Brumas de Ayosa for a bit more information.

  2. Johan says:

    Our family will spend a week in Playas las Americas and I wonder if you know of any decent wine shop near by? I am only looking for Tenerife wine.

    • There are good vinotecas (sort of mix of deli and wine shop) on Tenerife but I can’t think of any in Playa de las Americas. Your best bet is one of the main supermarkets. These usually have a wide selection of mainly Spanish and Canarian wine at decent prices.

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