Tenerife’s Top Ten Excursions

Mon, September 3rd, 2012 - By Andrea Montgomery

1. Mount Teide
There’s a reason why the Teide National Park is the most visited place on Tenerife; it’s like being on another planet. Take the cable car; it’s not cheap but it’ll literally be the highlight of your holiday. Walk to the old crater for brilliant photos and satellite-like views over the other islands. In winter take a fleece.

Teide national park

2. Loro Parque
Don’t let anyone tell you Loro Parque is ‘just a zoo’, it’s a fantastic wildlife park set in acres of tropical jungle in Puerto de la Cruz. All the shows are excellent and Planet Penguin is brilliant – there’s an arctic-sized iceberg where it snows and you can watch the penguins swim underwater. Entrance fee is good value but cafes in the park over charge – take butties.


3. Masca
Two attractions in one, the white knuckle drive into Masca isn’t for the faint-hearted, but nature rewards the brave with this stunning little hamlet. Hidden away in a remote palm-filled valley, Masca’s cobbled, bougainvillea-covered pathways are idyllic. You’ll need sensible shoes to walk to the bottom of the village and to the little museum.



4. Siam Park
As water parks go, Siam Park takes some beating. Left to my own devices I’d happily float down the Mai-Thai River, lie on the Thai beach and join the kids in the Lost City. But I have to admit The Dragon is top, adrenalin-pumping fun. Just don’t ask me about the Tower of Power; I’m not daft brave enough to go on it.
5. Dolphin Watching
Watching dolphins and whales in the wild is one of those experiences that you never forget and Tenerife is one of the best places to do it. Pods of bottle-nosed dolphins live in the warm waters off the west coast and pilot whales pass through on migratory routes so you’re practically guaranteed sightings on trips out of Los Gigantes.


Dolphin watching, Los Gigantes

6. Jungle Park
For me, the adrenalin builds even before I’m through the gates of Jungle Park when the air is split with jungle cries. There’s no question that the live bird shows are the best bit of Jungle Park; that frisson of excitement as the down draught from an eagle’s wings ruffles your hair as it flies overhead.
7. Monkey Park
This is great fun, like a big, exotic petting zoo. Get up-close and personal with some of the park’s many species of monkeys where, not only is feeding the animals not prohibited, it’s positively encouraged. So if you’ve ever fancied having a Lemur on your shoulder, just outside Los Cristianos, this is the place for you.
8. Yellow Submarine
If you’re a family you’ll feel like your wallet’s been mugged and the trip to San Miguel Marina in Golf Del Sur can be a long day out for a short trip but…this has to be one of the best experiences going for anyone who wants to be underwater but has an aversion to wearing rubber and carrying their air supply on their back. Awesome.


La Orotava

9. La Orotava
After all that fun, sun and sea, it’s time for a bit of culture and La Orotava, in the heart of the ‘real’ Tenerife, won’t disappoint. Steeped in history with stunning architecture, beautiful gardens and the incredible Corpus Cristi flower carpets, this is the place to buy traditional handcrafts and get a feel for Tenerife’s noble past. The streets will give your calves and thighs a good workout too.
10. Castillo San Miguel
No need to worry about which knife to use first at this San Miguel attraction; bowls of soup and a whole roasted chicken are provided to be consumed without the aid of cutlery. Kids love it. All the atmosphere and drama of Camelot with a mock castle, handsome Knights and sturdy steeds – or is it mock Knights, a sturdy castle and handsome steeds?

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