Tenerife’s Tasty Speciality of Papas Arrugadas and Mojo

Thu, November 4th, 2010 - By Andrea Montgomery

These potatoes are quite possible the best I’ve ever tasted” said my dad as he tucked into his second helping.
Coming from an Irish man, that was praise indeed.

Tenerife’s soil is rich in minerals and well drained which makes it great for growing potatoes; but the island gets very little rainfall and high sunshine hours which can make for poor water retention in the soil.
Over the centuries, the islanders have learned how to deal with this issue rather ingeniously.
Firstly they prepare the ground at higher levels in places like Vilaflor where the clouds roll in like fog and bring with them a fine mist. Then they line the terraces with pumice – a creamy-coloured, porous volcanic rock which is in plentiful supply on the island. The pumice attracts the moisture from the clouds and then retains it, giving the potatoes the perfect growing medium.

So it’s hardly surprising that one of the island’s most popular dishes is potatoes, and particularly the small papas negras which are like new potatoes; round and uniformly sized with a yellowish flesh. But what is surprising is the way the potatoes are cooked.
Two kilos of unpeeled potatoes are placed in an iron pan with just enough water to cover them and an entire cup of salt is added. The potatoes are covered and allowed to cook until all the water has evaporated. Finally the potatoes are shaken vigorously in the pan and then left to sit for a few minutes.

The result is papas arrugadas – salt encrusted potatoes with wrinkled skin. Arrugadas means wrinkled and if you look at beauty products on Tenerife you’ll see anti-arrugadas creams – literally anti-wrinkle cream.

Got my mojo workin’
Traditionally served with papas arrugadas and a real favourite with locals and visitors, are the green and the red mojos, or sauces, that you get in restaurants and hotel buffets.
Universally popular, every household, hotel and restaurant kitchen has their own way of making their mojo picón (spicy sauce) and their mojo verde (green sauce) and you can find jars in supermarkets and at the airport to take home with you.

The red mojo picón is made from red pepper, garlic, cumin, oil and water while the green mojo verde can be made either from fresh coriander and garlic which makes it the spicier of the two sauces, or from parsley, green pepper and garlic which is milder.

So when you come to Tenerife, try some papas arrugadas con mojo – I can almost guarantee you’ll be hooked and will be giving chips the big heave-ho for the rest of your holiday.
¡Buen Provecho!

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