Tenerife’s Summer Rooftop Bars

Wed, July 17th, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

Anyone who reads the popular British tabloids will be only too aware that, according to them, Britain is currently enjoying temperatures that leave Tenerife and Barbados for dead. While that may, or may not be the case, here in Tenerife when the thermometer threatens to blow its bulb, there’s only one place to go – up on the roof.

Here’s a run down of my favourite cool, rooftop bars in which to spend hot summer nights:


Rooftop bar, Bulan, La Noria

When the heatwave hots up, nowhere on the island gets quite as sticky as the city. Daytime heat gets absorbed by the buildings and radiated back out after dark making Santa Cruz a literal melting pot. Luckily, summer is when the bars and restaurants of La Noria district sweep the fallen leaves from their rooftop bars, wipe off the tables and move the beer kegs and the DJs upstairs.

The ever popular Bulán has a large rooftop bar, well two bars actually, amongst the potted palms and whicker furniture. The air is definitely cooler up there, particularly when it’s filled with good chill out, house and funk music but get there the early side of midnight to enjoy it because shortly after that, space is at a premium, especially at weekends.  Next door at El Lagar the furnishings are a little less bohemian and a little more sophisticated, a bit like the 30 something crowd that enjoy the ambience on hot, summer weekend nights. If the 80´s and 90´s were your era, you’ll love the rooftop terrace of chic Baobab Terrace further down the street where on Fridays and Saturdays you can sample some rather fine G&Ts until 2.30am.


Cocktail Menu, Watermelon, Los Cristianos


At the other end of the island in Los Cristianos, the bars of San Telmo whose outside terraces overlook Las Vistas beach are the best place to catch a breeze after the sun goes down. Busy restaurants early in the night, favourites such as IMO, Sal Negra and Watermelon feature less food and more cocktails as the night progresses. If the heat is still too much, you can always head down to the sand and take a dip.


Faro Chill Art, Costa Adeje


Further along the south west coast in the ‘posh’ end of town at Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje, you’ll be hard pressed to beat the vibe, style, sound and location of El Faro Chill Art where the zen zone of the Terraza Itaca is definitely the coolest place to hang out on sweltering weekend nights.


Limbo Bar, Puerto de la Cruz


And when summer temperatures hit Puerto de la Cruz, the town’s party goers chill out with a cocktail or two at the roof bar of Blanco Bar before heading to Limbo where, on an open rooftop terrace overlooking the town, they can keep their cool until the small hours.

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