Tenerife’s South West Resorts

Fri, December 17th, 2010 - By Andrea Montgomery

Having spent an extended weekend on Tenerife, our friends from the UK were heading back home on Monday with a suntan and a carrier bag stuffed with jumpers, coats, socks and boots for when they landed on Blighty’s frozen shores.
Jack and I had a prior appointment on the south west coast so we offered to give them a lift to the airport with an impromptu tour of the island thrown in as a bonus.

We drove from Puerto de La Cruz to Icod de los Vinos, then climbed up through the forest and emerged above the south west coast. We stopped at one of the miradors (viewpoints) to take in the vistas over Valle de Arriba and the pretty rural hamlet of Santiago Del Teide before continuing through Tamaimo and snaking down the Santiago Valley road until we finally reached the coast.

First stop was Playa de la Arena.
A wide promenade runs alongside a pretty beach in the centre of the resort and rows of shops geared towards the needs of holidaymakers line the other side of the road.
This is a family resort where nightlife is low key and half a dozen good restaurants offer a range of menus from Oriental through Italian to traditional Canarian.
Anne and Martin settled themselves onto the beach to enjoy their last bit of sun and catch up on emails using the free WiFi facility while Jack and I went about our business. An hour and a half later, tans topped up, it was time to move on.

Next stop was lunch and we dropped down the hill from the main road into Alcalá – a small fishing town alongside which the fabulous Hotel Gran Melia Palacio stands. Life revolves around the terraces and flat rocks alongside the harbour which serve as a beach substitute and the charismatic plaza at the heart of the village.
We grabbed a table at La Palma del Llano and ordered arepas con carne machado – delicious Venezuelan fried corn cakes stuffed with savoury shredded beef and served with sauces of hot chilli and avocado.

After lunch we continued on our journey south making one last stop at the up and coming resort of Playa de San Juan which seems to be taking its development lead from the top notch Abama Hotel which sits on the headland above it.
Excellent cuisine in chic restaurants and stylish, contemporary apartments are the order of the day.

We just about had time to wander onto the pretty decking promenade alongside the golden sand beach and watch the sun glinting off the boats in the marina before we had to call time on the tour and head to the airport.

We waved a reluctant Anne and Martin off to the snow while we continued our round-island tour to return to Puerto.

I love going to the airport…and not getting on a plane 🙂

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  1. Phil Crean says:

    Next time you come to Playa San Juan let me know and I’ll happily guide you to the best lunch venue in the area. (No vested interest, I just like them and find their food different and deserving of promoting).

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