Tenerife’s Pinnacle of Beauty

Wed, April 13th, 2011 - By Gary

Just as I thought that walking in Tenerife holds no surprises for me, I find a walk that leaves me goggle-eyed, like a child on a first trip to Disneyland, reducing my vocabulary to just two words, Wow and Awesome!

Having seen the prominent, spiked summit of Roque Taborno from across the opposite side of the Barranco De Taborno on numerous occasions, I had decided that it was time to take a closer look. After a short drive from La Laguna, the island’s old capital before Santa Cruz took over, I set out from the Casa Carlos restaurant, on the road that traverses the beautiful, wooded ridge of the Anaga Mountains and descended steeply through the woods with occasional glimpses through the trees of the fantastic views to come. The route followed what would be a nerve-shredding ridge for those of a nervous disposition if it weren’t for the tree cover, with the ground dropping away sharply on both sides of the narrow pathway.

Leaving behind the last of the houses, the route descended very steeply until, as I approached the village of Taborno, the tree cover suddenly vanished, revealing a truly spectacular panorama. On one side, the Barranco de Taborno dropped steeply away, the village of Las Carboneras clinging to the far wall between laurel clad hills and neat terracing. In the opposite direction, a huge dizzying drop into the Barranco De Afur, complete with a backdrop of serrated mountain ridges disappearing into the blue haze beyond.

After a little over an hour, I arrived at the road in the tiny village leading to the small square by the chapel with further fantastic views in all directions. Here, there are plenty of benches to sit and admire the view but I was impatient to get to the main objective of the walk, the vertiginous circuit around the spiky summit of Roque Taborno.

Following the pathway from the church, the path descended towards the mountain, passing a goat farm as it climbed to the start of the circular route. The overgrown path soon narrowed as the white surf of the waves crashing against the rocks over two thousand feet below came into view. After a scramble up to a cave and a steep ascent of a rocky ridge, I followed a level path out to a rocky promontory. From here, the views along the coast in one direction to Playa Del Roque and in the other to Punta Del Hidalgo were simply breathtaking.

After a short break to absorb this wonderful scene, the return path climbed close to the base of the rocky pinnacle and the path narrowed to a few inches, definitely not for those of a nervous disposition! After this exhilarating circuit, I returned to the church and had a break as I admired the puffs of white cloud that now sailed over the Barranco de Afur and the summit of Roque Taborno before setting off on the long climb back to Casa Carlos. After much puffing and panting, the colourful umbrellas shading the tables of the restaurant were almost as welcome as the cold Dorada.

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