Tenerife to Showcase the Total Eclipse of the Super Moon on 28th September

Mon, September 21st, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Considered on of the three best places on the planet from which to observe the solar system due to their clear skies and light pollution controls, the Canary Islands are set to witness this month’s super moon eclipse from Teide National Park and to broadcast it live on sky-live.tv from the upper Teleferico cable station on Tenerife along with additional broadcasts from La Palma and Fuerteventura.

An eclipse of the moon occurs when the sun, earth and a full moon align in a straight line causing the earth to cast a shadow over the moon. On this occasion the eclipse is all the more spectacular because it’s a super moon which means we’ll see the moon 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual.


But it isn’t just the clarity of the skies that make Tenerife the ideal place from which to observe this eclipse, it’s the fact that the moon will be passing directly through our meridian at the point when the eclipse begins and if the eclipse occurs near the solar twilight, the shadow of Mount Teide will align with the full moon.

The moon won’t disappear during the eclipse, instead it will take on a red hue which is known as a blood moon. This is because the earth’s atmosphere which extends around 80km beyond its diameter, acts as a lens, deflecting the light of the sun and effectively filtering out all the blue so that only the red light is reflected back by the moon.


It all sounds very complicated to me but the bottom line is that at 11 minutes past 3am on the morning of 28th September and over the course of 1hr 11 minutes, we will see a total eclipse featuring a big, bright, red moon and if we’re lucky, the shadow of Mount Teide rising above the horizon at sunset. In short, it will be spectacular.

You can see the eclipse live from anywhere on earth and you can watch the Canary Islands spectacular on sky-live.tv which will broadcast in three separate live sessions. The first at 7.30pm on the night of the 27th to see the super moon aligning with the sunset and the shadow of Mount Teide cast. The second broadcast will be at 2am on the 28th as the full moon moves into alignment with the earth’s shadow and the eclipse begins, and the third will be at 3am when the total eclipse occurs. You can also follow information about the eclipse on Twitter and can pose any questions you might have to a panel of astrophysicists by using the hashtag #AskTheMoon.

As this event will not be repeated again until 2025, it’s got to be worth setting your alarm to see.

Images provided by webtenerife: Total Lunar Eclipse from Sacsayhuaman, Perú (15/04/2014) J C Casado, J L Quiñones; Teide shadow, alineacion luna, JC Casado te11-005

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