Should You Come to Tenerife in Shoulder Season?

Mon, May 5th, 2014 - By Linda

Actually, shoulder season is probably a misnomer when used about the Canary Islands. In less fortunate places it’s the time between high and low seasons, high season being the busiest, and low season meaning when the weather isn’t so good. In Tenerife, however, winter is high season, and summer is simply a different kind of high season. However, there are months between the seasons when even Playa de las Americas is on the tranquil side.


Playa Las Vistas, los Cristianos


So when is this season in Tenerife? There are two: the weeks prior to the summer season – May and June; and the weeks prior to the winter season – November and early December. And what are the advantages of coming in either? That you miss the crowds, and all that implies, is a huge plus, of course, especially if you prefer a child-free environment since older kids are in school.

In that spring low season the weather is usually good. May is my favourite month in Tenerife. The weather is clear, but temperatures don’t soar. In autumn, if you’re unlucky, you may hit some bad weather (think English summer, some good days, some not so good!).


Tapas and beer


With less pressure, bar, restaurant and hotel staff have more time for you, and smile more readily. I know that shouldn’t be true, service should always be consistent, but it’s a fact.

Your holiday can be more spontaneous during these times, because if you decide last minute to, say, hire a car, visit the Pyramids of Guimar, La Casa de los Balcones in La Orotava or other popular excursions everything is readily available. A drive through the Teide National Park will be more atmospheric with less traffic, and the only photo bombs will be intentional.


Casa de los Balcones, La Orotava


It’s also true that these are the times of year when you get “deals” on flights and accommodation, so keep your eyes peeled on website for special offers.

And how about the downsides? Well, because it’s low season many establishments use these times for renovations and repairs – they have to be done sometime! You may find, for instance, that the hotel pool is empty. A chain hotel will usually offer you the use of the pool in a sister hotel, but it might not be so convenient. Remember you got a bargain price!

In resorts with a history, like Puerto de la Cruz or Los Cristianos, some bars and restaurants still traditionally close for a month, though rarely for two. In newer places, like Costa Adeje, this doesn’t really happen though, and you certainly won’t find everywhere closed.


Traditional folk group, Dia de Canarias


At both times of year, there are plenty of local activities to see or join in. May sees big celebrations for the Day of the Canaries at the end of the month. November’s big fiestas centre around St. Andrew’s Day (San Andres), when the new season’s wines are presented, and children in several towns, notably Icod de los Vinos, risk life and limb sledging down the steep streets on tea trays – read the link if you don’t believe me!
Right now, then, I’m off to take advantage of those less crowded beaches, and this lovely sunshine!

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