The Tenerife Resorts with the Best Views

Fri, April 10th, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

If you’ve got sunshine, a beach and the sea then you’ve got a resort with a good view. However, there are some Tenerife resorts with little ‘extras’ that make the view a little bit more special.

These are resorts on Tenerife with the best stand out views.

Los Gigantes
Number one is Los Gigantes. The cliffs looming over the town couldn’t be more perfectly placed. They look mythical, yet don’t block out the sun like some other acantilados around the island. As the sun drops in the west, lighting them up, ‘the Giants’ are a magnet for the eyes. As a bonus, there’s also La Gomera on the horizon. Los Gigantes, La Gomera and sunsets – an unbeatable combination.


Los Gigantes Cliffs, Los Gigantes, Tenerife


Puerto de la Cruz
From the harbour in Puerto de la Cruz you can see all along the north west coast, dreamily silhouetted as the sun drops. Turn in the other direction and you’ve got the coast stretching to the east, bathed in intense light when the sun is setting. Turn inland and there’s one of the best views in the Canary islands – Mount Teide; a huge presence on the northern side of the island.


looking north from Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


El Médano
The casual beach bum of the bunch, El Médano’s views are as laid back as many of the people who populate its cafés. The views are easy on the eye without being spectacular. What makes the view stand out from many other resorts is that its beaches are the real deal. There’s a raw, natural beauty to the coastline as it languidly sweeps its way to Montaña Roja.


El Medano beaches, Tenerife


Punta de Hidalgo/Bajamar
Bajamar and Punta de Hidalgo on the north east coast boast vistas to rival those in Los Gigantes. They sit at the foot of the Anaga Mountains, so you automatically have views of one of the most dramatic parts of Tenerife. Possibly as impressive are the views back along the coast. Where Mount Teide looks huge from Puerto de la Cruz, from this north east corner the mountain is positively massive.


looking north from Bajamar, Tenerife


Los Cristianos
Although Los Cristianos seamlessly becomes Playa de las Américas which itself blends invisibly with Costa Adeje, it feels smaller; as though it sits apart from the rest of the big resort area. This is mainly due to it being located on the southern side of a headland from the bigger resort areas. What this also means is the eyes tend to be drawn across the calm bay towards the ruddy slopes of Montaña Guaza; a ruggedly good looking feature on Los Cristianos’ southern border.


Guaza cliffs from Los Cristianos, Tenerife


Garachico is more a town than a resort but it has the best boutique hotels on Tenerife. The town itself is one of the prettiest in the Canary Islands and is backed by steep cliffs where you can still see the lava flows that engulfed the town’s port in 1706. The small rock of Garachico, just offshore, adds something different to the standard sea views. Best of all is to stand at the lava rock pools and look west as the sun’s rays turn the land golden at sunset. There’s a good reason why part of the coast in the line of sight was given the name Buenavista del Norte.


looking west from Garachico, Tenerife

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