Tenerife Resorts That Don’t Have a Decent Sandy Beach

Wed, June 24th, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

Like most travel sites, we regularly feature lists made up of the best of something – best romantic restaurants on Tenerife, best hotel swimming pools on Tenerife, best beaches etc.

For a change, we’re turning that on its head and featuring, whilst not quite the worst of something as all Tenerife’s resorts have something to suit various holiday tastes, resorts which don’t actually have a decent beach to their name.

If a long sweeping sandy beach is one of your top priorities when choosing a holiday, these are the places to steer clear of to avoid having dreams of bumming it on the beach dashed against an uncomfortably rocky/pebbly coastline.


Manmade sandy beach between Golf del Sur and Los Abrigos, Tenerife


Golf del Sur
Number one on the list has to be Golf del Sur (now sometimes referred to as Costa San Miguel). The name is a bit of a clue as to what the main attraction is for this south east resort. Whilst there are pebbly stretches at the resort’s marina and even a man-made patch where the resort meets lovely Los Abrigos, it’s definitely not the place to choose for long days lounging on the hot sand.
On the upside: The pools at hotels like the Sandos San Blas are so inviting that you’d be unlikely to venture to a beach anyway.


Small sandy beach at Ten Bel, Costa del Silencio


Costa del Silencio
Neighbouring Costa del Silencio is another south east coast resort lacking a proper beach. There are plenty of places to swim from the rocks, with volcanic arches adding some interest and Montaña Amarilla providing one of the most striking and unusual coastal views on Tenerife. But if it’s sand you’re after, there’s only a tiny stretch near Ten Bel.
On the upside: Las Galletas with it’s picturesque (but pebbly) harbour beach is only a short stroll away.


Punta de Hidalga, Tenerife


Punta de Hidalgo
One of Tenerife’s original resorts, Punta de Hidalgo in the north east is more popular with other Europeans than it is with British visitors during winter months. It’s also a summer retreat for Canarios who don’t really care whether there’s sand or not when it comes to getting prone near the shoreline. The coastline is rocky and the sea is wild, but the views to the Anaga mountains are extra special.
On the upside: There are plenty of rock pools and a nifty little seawater pool backed by some wonderful fish restaurants.


Garachico beach, Garachico, Tenerife


Tenerife’s prettiest town, Garachico, doesn’t actually boast a sandy beach. There is a pebbly playa beside the harbour which is popular with locals, but this historic little town in the north west of Tenerife is definitely not a destination for anyone planning to spend their days soaking up the rays.
On the upside: When you’ve got world famous lava rock pools to splash about in and sun-deck areas to dry off on, who needs a sandy beach?

If this list had been compiled a couple of years ago it would have included Alcalá and Calleo Salvaje. Now Alcalá has a great little black sand beach as well as rock pools whilst Callao Salvaje has a beach where you can summon a waiter from a bell on the beach umbrellas.

Maybe in another couple of years some of the resorts mentioned above might find themselves promoted to the list of Tenerife resorts with good beaches. Watch this space.

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