Which Tenerife Resort Has The Best Beaches

Wed, April 23rd, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

What does a good beach look like to you? Does it have to have sun loungers and parasols for hire? Do you want to be within a barefoot stroll of restaurants, shops and bars? Is it a deal-breaker if you can’t swim from it? Would you prefer it to be bustling with lots of people-watching opportunities, or quiet so you can imagine you’re all alone?


Playa El Camison, Playa de Las Americas


People have different sets of priorities when it comes to somewhere to throw your towel and soak up the sun and one person’s beach paradise would be another’s sandy hell. And I am no different. But in the interests of providing information that will help as wide a spectrum of people as possible, I am putting my own preferences aside and giving as honest an assessment of Tenerife’s best beach resort as I can muster.

North or South?
While the beaches in the north of Tenerife are, in the main, natural black sand which better suits the volcanic landscape they adorn, I can see why many people simply prefer the golden sand they are more used to. And when it comes to having a plethora of facilities at your back for when you grow bored of tanning and want to eat, drink and shop, other than Playa Jardín in Puerto de la Cruz, some of the north’s best beaches are away from resort centres.


Playa Arena, Tacaronte


In conclusion, if beaches are your big thing, you’ll find a better choice in the south than the north.

East Coast or West?
The purists will tell you that the best natural beaches on the island are in El Médano, and they’d be right. The golden sand that adorns the resort is as natural as the windswept look that most of its inhabitants habitually have, and that’s the problem. While they may look and feel fabulous, El Médano’s prevailing winds make its beaches an uncomfortable place to be for far too many days in the calendar. Great for surfers, no good for sunbathers.


Playa La Tejita, El Medano


When it comes to beach comfort therefore, west is best.

Of the many resorts that make up the south west of Tenerife some, like Los Gigantes and Alcalá, have only one small beach to their name. They may be nice, but that doesn’t put them in the running for this award. So that just leaves the three giants of beach resorts – Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje – and in my opinion, Costa Adeje is the clear winner.


Playa Torviscas, Costa Adeje


For sheer choice, with no less than six beaches in all, and that’s counting the two Troyas as one and excluding Playa Paraiso and Callao Salvaje as they’re so much further away from the rest, no other resort comes close. Add to that the spectrum of what’s on offer, from the chic Playa Del Duque to the bustling Playa Pinta in Puerto Colon, and the choice of amenities that line their backs along Geranium Walk and you’ll be hard pressed not to find one that suits you best, somewhere along this stretch of coastline.

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  1. How could you not mention Playa de La Arena, in the south west, which gets awards every year I believe.

    Apart from that… I live there in the winter, and do a lot of my writing there.

    Tony (SF and Macabre Tales Author)

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