What to do in Tenerife on a Rainy Day

Wed, March 23rd, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

Last week’s freaky weather demonstrated that although the default setting for Tenerife’s weather is hot and sunny, there are times when the golden orb in the sky takes a couple of days off. So what is there to do when lying on the beach in Playa de las Américas holds about as much appeal as a wet weekend in Blackpool and the animals at Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz have started to pair off in preparation for the Ark arriving?

Why not use the opportunity to visit one of Tenerife’s museums and learn about life on Tenerife, stay dry and have a lot of fun in the process.


Museum of Man and Nature
A blend of conventional museum exhibits (animals, birds and marine life) and modern technology (a hologram depicts exactly why there’s more cloud in the north of Tenerife).
Three floors in the former city hospital in Santa Cruz are packed with information.  The highlight is the museum’s macabre collection of mummies where you can literally see an original Guanche inhabitant in the flesh.

Tenerife Anthropology Museum
The Casa de Carta is a Tardis-like mansion full of secret corners. Narrow corridors lead to exhibitions of traditional clothing from the Canary Islands and a wonderful Upstairs Downstairs kitchen. Dotted around the grounds are vine covered courtyards, a banana plantation, an old wooden wine press, a gofio mill and a maypole which The Saint and his family dance around. It’s a delightful museum between Tacoronte and Valle de Guerra near La Laguna.


Military Museum
The Military Museum in Tenerife’s capital covers all aspects of the Canary Island’s military past including Nelson’s defeat at Santa Cruz, weapons, letters, Nelson’s defeat at Santa Cruz, charts, uniforms, depictions of battles and…err Nelson’s defeat at Santa Cruz. It’s set in an army barracks which gives the museum an interesting edge as ID is essential to get in.

Tenerife History Museum
Located in the sixteenth century Casa Lercaro, the history museum in La Laguna is suited to people who enjoy delving into the past in atmospheric surroundings. Eleven rooms are devoted to the development of Tenerife since the conquest. If you like old navigational charts, this is the place for you; the museum has the largest collection in the Canary Islands.


Museum of Science and the Cosmos
The first thing that strikes you at the Museum of Science and the Cosmos in La Laguna is the shrieks of laughter from inside make it sound more like a swimming pool than a museum.
With a hundred interactive displays, this is subliminal learning heavily disguised as fun and kids of all ages love it.
Exhibits range from the incredible (lifting a Mini car with one hand) to the spooky (become parted from your shadow).
My favourite is a bewildering and borderline claustrophobic mirror maze like the one in James Bond’s The Man with the Golden Gun where it’s possible to get completely lost – I speak from experience here.

Entrance to museums is free on Sundays. There’s a charge on other days except for the military museum which is free at all times.

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  1. jimbo says:

    Well done jack,great article.Will visit the places next time out,make a change from the beach & bars every day lol….

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