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Wed, January 7th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Yesterday was Los Reyes, or the Feast of the Epiphany, and one of Spain’s most important festivals so major shopping centres, banks, Town Halls and post offices were all closed which may have come as a surprise to visitors unfamiliar with Spain’s yuletide customs. With no less than 14 National, island-wide and local festivals a year, not to mention the multitudes of local Patron Saints days, keeping on top of the festival calendar is a challenge. In an attempt to pull the main days together, here is my run down of the main dates in 2015 when you can expect Government offices, Correos and commercial centres to be closed.

January 1st, New Year’s Day. Unlike the UK, sales don’t start until after January 6th so give your credit card an extended break.


Los Reyes


January 6th, Feast of the Epiphany. Also known as Los Reyes, this is when Spanish children get their gifts from the Three Kings and it’s a National holiday. Head to one of the big parades in La Orotava, Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz, El Médano, Las Galletas, Garachico or Los Cristianos on the night of the 5th and share some of the magic of this festival.

February 2nd, Purification of the Virgin of Candelaria. Although the official holiday for the Patron Saint of the Canary Islands falls in August, this secondary festival is celebrated throughout the archipelago and you’ll find government offices and post offices closed.

February 17th, Carnival Tuesday. Mainly applicable in Santa Cruz and Puerto de la Cruz to coincide with the Carnaval closing parade, this is a Public Holiday across the island. You’ll still find shops open in tourist resorts of the south, but not banks or the post office.


Easter parades, La Laguna


April 2nd and 3rd, Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Full public holidays with sombre religious processions taking place, the largest being in La Laguna. Unlike the UK, the Monday following Easter is not a bank holiday.

May 1st, Labour Day. Government offices and banks remain closed.

May 4th, Día de la Cruz. Day of the Cross and a public holiday in anywhere that includes Cruz in its name and in many of the island’s most traditional towns. You’ll find beautiful displays of crosses decorated with flowers too so it’s a good day to tour some of the most elaborate.


Día de la Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz


May 30th, Día de Canarias. Banks and the Correos (PO) will be shut but many shops stay open to showcase traditional island products and the staff wear traditional costumes.

August 15th, Ascension Day. Also the Patron Saint day of the Virgen of Candelaria, this date is a religious holiday across Spain. Pilgrims walk to Candelaria on the 14th to celebrate this day.


Virgin of Candelaria


October 12th, Spain Day. Also known as Guardia Civil day and Día de Hispanidad, this commemorates Columbus landing in the New World.

November 2nd, All Saints Day. This one often catches me out. A public and bank holiday across all Spanish territories, including Tenerife. As All Saints Day (Nov 1st) falls on a Sunday this year, the holiday is on the Monday.

December 8th, Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Another one that often catches me out, particularly as it’s so close to Christmas.

December 25th, Christmas day. Enough said.

NB The post office also closes on Xmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

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