Tenerife Points of View

Mon, October 17th, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

In scenic terms Tenerife is like six islands in one. Landscapes range from volcanic lava to pine, rain forest to desert and mountains to coast, supplying enough epic views to keep click-happy fingers on the camera for the entire holiday. Here are just a few of them.

The satellite view. Head up into Teide National Park, invest in a cable car trip to just below the summit of Mount Teide and follow the path that takes you around the lower crater rim to experience a literally ‘out of this world’ view of the Canarian Archipelago. Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro are all visible from here.

The bird’s eye view. High above the north west coast on the road that joins La Orotava to Los Realejos is the La Corona paraglider launch spot. A small patch of artificial grass marks the spot from where the winged adventurers jump to float down over the stunning La Orotava Valley to Puerto de la Cruz on the distant coast.

The beach view. Beyond the capital city of Santa Cruz lies the little fishing village of San Andrés which is the gateway to the Anaga Mountains. The TF121 road snakes up into the peaks and reaches its highest point at a place called Los Organos. From here the golden, tropical expanse of Las Teresitas beach is laid out below you, backed by the tiny white houses of San Andrés climbing up their trio of ravines.

The northern view. Venture deep into the Anaga Mountains along the TF12 which will take you to the most north easterly edge of the island and the spectacular viewing point of Pico del Inglés. Looking towards the south, Mount Teide proudly dominates the centre of the island fronted by the emerald valley of La Laguna, the north airport and Santa Cruz.

The island view. Travel the TF24 spine of the island from La Laguna to Teide National Park and just beyond the Güímar turn off you reach the twin viewpoints of Chimague and Chipeque. Below Chimague lies the whole east coast with Gran Canaria on the horizon while from Chipeque, the entire north west coast is laid bare from Tacoronte to Garachico with the twin peaks of La Palma putting in a horizon guest appearance on clear days.

The lava view. Still travelling the island’s spine on the TF24, the road twists through the surreal rock slices of La Tarta where layer upon layer of volcanic debris from successive eruptions have morphed into what is affectionately called ‘the cake’.

The mountain view. They say the best view of Mount Teide is from La Gomera but whoever ‘they’ are, they clearly have never been to El Sauzal. In a quirky park called Los Lavaderos which climbs steeply down the mountainside, is a fabulous café from where the magnificent presence of Mount Teide lords it over the fertile expanse of the north west coast.

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