Take the Tenerife Terrain Challenge

Fri, June 6th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

Unless you never leave your sun lounger, it’s difficult to come to Tenerife and not notice its natural beauty. From the Corpus Christie Flower Carpets that will take place in La Orotava on 26th June this year, to the fabulous exotics that grow here like weeds, there’s no shortage of information on this site about where to see Mother Nature in all her glory.

But the Canary Islands are not all hearts, flowers and gardens. For the more hardcore nature lovers amongst us, there are amazing ways to delve into the challenges that the terrain provides. Give full rein to your adrenalin drive and take this one week challenge.

To begin with, book yourself into the island’s rural hinterland so you don’t waste any time travelling to its green heart. There are hundreds of self-catering rural houses scattered across the north of the island and a good selection of beautiful rural hotels. The standard of rural accommodation on Tenerife is generally very high, especially in the hotels where you could find yourself sleeping in an avocado-growing hacienda in Guimar or in a former wine bodega in San Miguel.


Teno National Park


Day 1
When it comes to stretching the leg muscles, Tenerife can throw down enough challenges to keep the most enthusiastic hikers on their heels. Warm up with a circuit around Teno National Park which will take you into the mountains above El Palmar and Masca and immerse you in some of the finest views and richest floral displays on the island.


Masca Barranco


Day 2
With legs now honed, tackle the Masca Barranco – both ways. A 12km (7½ miles) ravine hike of tough terrain that has you scrambling over rock falls and skirting precipitous ledges and then makes you do it uphill coming back, this is not a walk to be sniffed at. Just remember to stop from time to time and take in the amazing beauty that surrounds you.


Sunrise on summit of Mount Teide


Days 3 & 4
For the ultimate test, set off from Montaña Blanca in Teide National Park and follow the path that will take you through one of the most unusual landscapes on the planet, all the way to the Altavista Refuge 500m below the summit of Mount Teide. After a few hours of sleepless rest, set off in the pitch of night and make the final push to witness sunrise from the highest peak in Spain. Now that’s a sight you don’t see every day.


Tandem paragliding on Tenerife


Day 5
Give the legs and feet a well earned break and get the high without the effort but with all the adrenalin on a paraglide. Take off from Izaña on a 30 or 45 minute tandem flight and the scenery over La Orotava and Los Realejos will leave you as breathless as the flight itself until you float down into Puerto de la Cruz to find your feet again.

Day 6
Chill out at the Botanical Gardens, marvel at the amount of natural wonders one small island in the Atlantic can muster and congratulate yourself on completing the Tenerife Terrain Challenge.

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