What is Tenerife Like in July?

Mon, June 27th, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

Tenerife is a year-round holiday destination which means two important things. The first is that you can sunbathe on Tenerife during any month in the year. The second is that restaurants and bars are open throughout the year.

But there are differences in weather and what’s going on every month. Anyone planning a visit needs to know what these are to decide when is the best time for them to visit Tenerife.


Weather on Tenerife in July
Temperatures in Tenerife start to soar from almost from the first day of summer. Temperatures reach 30C and above during July. However, unless there is a calima (a hot wind from the Sahara which can hike temperatures up to near 40C) the thermometer stays around 30C; hot but not oppressively so.
Whereas the coast is much warmer than the hills in winter, in summer there’s a reversal. Areas around the 1000 metre mark (Vilaflor, Santiago del Teide) can become unbearably hot night and day. Rainfall is virtually non-existent in July and the days are sunny and long. Darkness falls at between 9-9.30pm on the north and west coasts and slightly earlier in the south and east.

How Busy is Tenerife in June?
Visitors to Tenerife in July can increase by as much as 200,000 from June, bringing the total visitors to the island during the month to anything between 900,000 and a million. In 2010 British holidaymakers accounted for 28.5% of July visitors followed by Spanish at 22% with Germans not far behind at 17.2%.
Traditionally most Spanish holidaymakers head to northern towns like Puerto de la Cruz and lesser known resorts like Bajamar and Punta de Hidalgo, but in recent years more and more are choosing to stay in southern resorts such as Costa Adeje. Something to be aware of is that there is a lot of illegal camping on Tenerife in summer, so some of those quiet ‘beauty spot’ beaches, like Puertito between Playa Paraiso and La Caleta, become packed with mobile homes.


What’s Happening on Tenerife in June?
If you’re a fan of open air concerts and dance raves July’s the month for you.

Fiestas on Tenerife
July Fiestas – Puerto de la Cruz parties for a month with events taking place on a daily basis. The  best is Embarkation Tuesday (Tuesday before the 16th) which involves music, fun and games around the harbour finishing with the Virgen del Carmen being loaded into a boat and taken out to sea. . Other towns also celebrate this, but with 35000 people attending, Puerto’s is the biggest.


Concerts & Music Festivals on Tenerife
Jazz y Más Festival – Early July sees a series of jazz concerts in Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz between 1st and 9th July.

Michael Bolton and Kenny G – The ‘big’ summer concert takes place at Costa Adeje Golf on 8th July.

Caravan Festival 2011 – Peter Hook of Joy division and New Order joins a host of DJs on 16th at a 10 hour music festival in a top setting, the Lago Martiánez complex in Puerto de la Cruz.

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