Tenerife Ghost Stories for Halloween

Fri, October 16th, 2015 - By Andrea Montgomery

Clocks are set to go back bringing darker nights and the spirit of Halloween to our doors. What better time to cosy up around the pumpkin and tell ghost stories? Tenerife tends to keep its ghostly tales under wraps so it takes some keen detective work to uncover the darker side of the island…


Clouds on the horizon...or San Borondon?


Mysterious San Borondon
Perhaps the best known of Tenerife’s ghostly apparitions is that of the island of San Borondon which lies some 200 miles north of La Palma and which randomly appears and disappears. San Borondon is named after St Brendan who, in the 6th century washed up ashore an island off the Canaries and awoke next morning to find the island moving. Their boat had actually gone aground on the back of a large fish. Since then, the island has had multiple sightings and even been landed upon by sailors and pirates but no-one has ever been able to accurately locate it on a map or a radar. But if you look carefully at the horizon beyond La Palma just before sunset, every now and again you’ll clearly see the peaks of San Borondon.


Mueum of History & Anthropology, La Laguna


Behind the scenes in the Museum of History & Anthropology
In the restored 16th century mansion of Casa Lercaro in La Laguna, there is allegedly a ghost who roams the museum after the visitors have gone home and she is the spirit of Catalina Lercaro. Daughter of Antonio Lercaro, the mansion’s original owner, at the end of the 16th century the young Catalina was betrothed by her father to an elderly noble man. In her despair, Catalina threw herself down the well in the yard rather than marry an old man. Denied a Christian burial by the church because she committed suicide, Catalina’s parents bricked her body up into the walls of the house and moved out. Nice.


Masca, known for its witches


Mysterious Masca
Masca is well known for its stunning location but less so for the legends of its witches who transmogrified into animals. One story tells of a Masca man who went most days to visit his girlfriend in Erjos. One evening his mother warned him not to go as she could sense witches were abroad but he ignored her and went. He was crossing the Agua del Monte forest when he was chased by a sow and her piglets and he was forced to use a stick to beat the sow so he could get away and run home. The next day he went to his girlfriend’s to find her grief stricken because her mother was dying as a result of being repeatedly struck by blows from a stick in the Madre del Agua forest the night before…


Abandoned quarry in Barranco de Badajoz, Guimar


The enigmatic Barranco de Badajoz
Deep in Guimar, the site of former quarry workings is a hotbed of ghostly stories and apparitions. The best know story is of a young girl who went into the barranco to collect pears and disappeared without trace. When she finally showed up again, the girl had not aged a day and believed she had only been away for an hour or so. She tells of being led into a cave by a lady in white and going up a stone staircase to a beautiful garden. The girl had been missing for 20 years.

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