What is Tenerife Like in February?

Wed, February 1st, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

The weather can be unpredictable on Tenerife in February. This is our version of deep winter even though most European visitors will view it as shorts and T-shirt weather during the day. It’s carnival month and nothing but nothing is allowed to spoil the party – the church couldn’t manage it, Franco couldn’t manage it so a little bit of rain certainly won’t put a dampener on carnival.



Weather on Tenerife in February
There’s a saying in the Canary Islands that goes along the lines of ‘there’s always one bad month for weather in the Canary Islands, we just don’t know which one it will be.’
On past performances February is often a safe bet. Normally temperatures hover around the low 20s Celsius during the day. In the sun it feels much hotter but in the shade it can be quite cool and after dark a jacket is definitely required. February is often when the heaviest rain falls and Tinerfeños quip that a monsoon-like downpour should be added to the carnival agenda. But even in the worst February there are still more warm, sunny days than rainy ones.

How Busy is Tenerife in February?
February usually sees another increase in visitors to Tenerife making it one of the busiest periods of the year. German and Scandinavian visitors drop slightly as do Spanish which is surprising considering it’s carnival time on the island. So who are the party animals boosting tourist figures for the biggest fiesta of the year?  It should come as no surprise really; it’s the Brits and the Irish. In February 2011 British visitors went up by 25% from January and Irish visitors by more than 50%.



Fiestas on Tenerife in February
Nothing competes with carnival, or Carnaval as it’s known here.

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding carnival as a lot of travel press focus solely on Tenerife’s big daddy of carnival celebrations in Santa Cruz; a massive event that can attract 100,000 party goers on a daily basis. But there are loads of carnivals taking place in the main towns across Tenerife at the same time. Puerto de la Cruz is best choice for tourists as the town offers a mix of Canarian town and holiday resort. But La Laguna, La Orotava, Tacoronte, Candelaria, Güímar and Icod de los Vinos all hold carnivals as well. The main events in these all take place between 17th and 25th February.

Los Gigantes and Los Cristianos also hold smaller but equally fun versions after the main northern carnivals are over. See our blog of carnival dates for full details.

Concerts & Music Festivals on Tenerife in February
Again carnival dominates. If you want to enjoy live music outside of the cabaret bars in the southern resorts then head to a carnival street party. Santa Cruz offers the biggest choice with top DJs, rock bands and more Latino bands than you can wiggle your hips at. But all carnival street parties include a mix of DJs and Latino bands.



Anyone looking for something more refined should head to the capital Santa Cruz and the Auditorio de Tenerife where there are a series of classical concerts including a performance by The Academy of St Martin in the Fields as part of the Festival de Música de Canarias season.

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