Tenerife Duty Free Allowances

Mon, May 19th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

Nobody likes to think about the day they have to pack up, say adios to the sunshine and head back to the UK after their Tenerife Holiday. But when that day dawns, one thing that seems to cause no end of confusion is exactly how much Duty Free you’re allowed to take out. It’s a legal minefield and anyone who needs specific advice should contact UK HM Revenue & Customs directly by phone (0300 200 3700; Mon-Fri 8am-6pm) or by email (using the online enquiry form). But here are a few points that might make your Tenerife departure a little clearer.


Departures, Tenerife South Airport


Why are duty free allowances different from the Canary Islands than from mainland Spain?
In duty free terms, the Canary Islands are one of a group of nine territories known as the ‘outermost regions’ (OMR) that lie a long way from Europe and so outside of its customs and VAT regulations but are part of the EU Member State. The other territories in this group are the Azores, Madeira, the French overseas territories (French Guiana, Guadeloupe etc.) and Saint Martin.


Duty Free


What is the duty free allowance from Tenerife?
For detailed guidance on all allowances, read the official Travelling To The UK leaflet published by HM Revenue & Customs.

1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs
2 litres of fortified wine (port, sherry etc), sparkling wine or other alcoholic beverages containing less than 22% alcohol
16 litres of beer
4 litres of still wine
You can mix ‘n’ match your alcohol allowances, for example, 1 litre of fortified wine plus ½ litre of spirits.

200 cigarettes
100 cigarillos
50 cigars
250g rolling tobacco
Again, you can mix ‘n’ match allowances to take 100 cigarettes and 25 cigars.
Under 17 year olds do not have any alcohol or tobacco allowances.

You can bring gifts (perfume, electrical goods, cameras etc) up to the value of £390 into the UK from Tenerife without incurring duty or tax but if goods exceed that value you’ll pay duty and/or tax on the full value of the goods, not just the amount by which the value exceeds the limit. It’s best to keep receipts as proof of value if questioned by Customs officials.

You are obliged to declare if you are carrying cash of 10,000 euros or more.


Tenerife South Airport


Worth knowing:

  • Alcohol, tobacco and perfume products are all widely available at Tenerife South airport but prices are higher than in local supermarkets and perfumerías.
  • We know of at least one passenger who had more than the allowance for cigarettes, intending to pay duty on arrival in the UK but was told he couldn’t leave with more than the 200 allowance otherwise they would be confiscated. As far as I am aware, allowances apply at the point of entry to the UK, not at the point of departure so I’m baffled as to why this occurred but it’s worth knowing.
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11 Responses to “Tenerife Duty Free Allowances”

  1. Skeggy says:

    Be very careful, I was told by staff in the duty free shop that I could take 400 cigarettes on each boarding pass so did so, on arrival at Gatwick where we had the 800 cigarettes in a duty free bag we were stopped and searched and told of the 200 limit, we were allowed to take the cigarettes through after a search found nothing more but were very lucky, the Officer said that they were having a lot of trouble with arrivals from Turkey and Tenerife and certainly seemed to be having a purge.

  2. Thanks, Skeggy. 200 cigarettes per person (not including under 17 year olds) is definitely the limit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. The Bull says:

    I am a regular visitor to Tenerife and find that it is now cheaper to buy tobacco at the airport. I travel to Tenerife around 4/5 time a year and every time I go the price of tobacco in the local shops has gone up. Just a few years ago you could save a couple of pounds on 200 Lambert by buying in resort but not now. I came home yesterday and price of 10x50g golden Virginia was between 51 and 55 euro in local shops in Torviscas but only 49 at the airport same price for 400 Lambert at the airport and a litre of Smirnoff was 10.20 so make up your own mind, and these airport prices have not changed for some time so they are steady unlike the resort where they seem to be going up from month to month. My experience is no longer cheaper at the resort. Hope this helps someone.

  4. james says:

    49.90 euro for 10x50g pouches

  5. The Bull says:

    Just got back price as above but the Smirnoff is now 9euro

  6. Lyn says:

    Dose anyone know how much golden Virginia tobacco is in Tenerife please

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Could anyone tell me how much richmond superking me thoms would cost at airport please

  8. kyle says:

    hi im 17. would i be allowed to bring back tobacco from tenerife. if so how much and would it cost me anything other than the cost of the tobacco

  9. The Bull says:

    Got back 1 week ago Golden Virginia x10 in resort is 53/54 euro at the airport it is 50 euro. Gold Leaf in resort 52/54 euro at the airport 47.90 euro. Don’t buy in resort shop keepers fill you with lies about their profit margin. its cheaper at the airport if they want to be greedy let them suffer for it, i know of shops who no longer sell it as the brits no longer buying it there. Smirnoff red has gone up a little 1ltr at airport in now 10.30 euro resort is 9.50/10 euro

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