Tenerife Culture On A Concrete Canvas

Mon, September 28th, 2015 - By Colin

Now that’s what I call tunnel vision.
The Paseo Rincon del Puerto links the old and new areas of Los Cristianos, so what better place to extol the virtues of Tenerife’s cultural and natural heritage? A series of giant murals have splashed onto the walls around the tunnel entrance on the old beach and port side and will soon be complimented by an equally colourful display on the Las Vistas beach side. These are the latest examples of specially commissioned murals with a message in Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje.


Paseo Rincon del Puerto, Los Crsitianos


Take a bow Francisco Mesa, the talented painter bringing colour to the busy inter beach walkway. Originally from Andalucia he has drawn on fond memories of youthful holidays to Tenerife and created a seascape of whales, dolphins, and turtles. A few boats and a giant fisherman ad a homage to origins of Los Cristianos as an important fishing community, and there are also references to the cliffs of Los Gigantes and Masca ravine.

The dull whitewashed walls below the traffic that trundles down to the inter island ferries, have been transformed with the backing of the Tenerife Port Authority, Arona council, and local businesses that have contributed to the cost of the materials. To date, Francisco has used over 1,000 cans of spray paint.


Harbour wall, Los Crsitianos


The Tenerife Port Authority had already invested in an ambitious project to redecorate the long harbour wall which needed strengthening anyway. In that case the long mural depicts many of the species of whales and dolphins that pass through Canarian waters. The design and painting in the year long project was undertaken by students of La Laguna University art faculty.


harbour wall, Los Cristianos


Adeje has been wearing its heart on its sleeve for nearly ten years with a series of murals scattered around the old town, mainly showing aspects of old work traditions. The latest council backed additions are a wrap around mural of faces in Calle Telefonica, La Postura, and a giant agricultural snapshot painted on a modern brick fronted apartment block in Las Nieves, just below the modern church Plaza Antonio Moreira. The street mural shields a rather unsightly antenna stack and was painted by Matias Mata. He has already made his mark on the TF1 motorway as it approaches Santa Cruz, a series of bus stops leap out with their psychedelic colour scheme.


Mural, Las Nieves, Adeje


For sheer size you can’t beat the Las Nieves insight into the agricultural past of Tenerife. Covering 240 square metres it makes the rather dull design of the apartment block stand out from its cloned neighbours. Even Tenerife has some darker unloved corners but it’s nice to see that with a bit of imagination and a lot of paint they can raise a smile from passers by.

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