Changes to Tenerife Bus Services from July 2015

Wed, July 22nd, 2015 - By Colin

The wheels are in motion for the biggest shake up of Tenerife’s public bus service for decades. The south of the island is the main beneficiary with the green Titsa bus service introducing 16 new routes, changes to 14 more, and a few number alterations on old favourites. As of 25 July 2015 the 868 bus stops around Tenerife become better linked for those wanting an easy and cheap way to explore.


Titsa bus service


Let’s start at the airports. In the south, five services will now call in at Reina Sofia airport including the 711 night bus between Santa Cruz and Costa Adeje bus station at Playa de Las Americas. These replace the nocturnal service from the 111 bus but they are better spaced out to link with flights.

Say hello to the new kid, the 415 between San Isidro and El Fraile, which joins the unchanged 450 linking Costa Adeje to San Isidro and the 343 to Puerto de la Cruz and the north airport.

It must have been a mammoth task to redesign the network, part of the key has been to split previous routes and allow them to serve more communities. A good example is the El Medano area, the 470 Granadilla to Los Cristianos was a long run but the new version just covers El Medano to Los Cristianos.


San Miguel


The 416 from Granadilla to Adeje now runs from Granadilla to Los Cristianos via San Miguel which now becomes an interchange for many destinations. El Medano has gained with three new short hop buses from Granadilla opening up the far side of the surf city, the 411 will call at the  Hotel Arenas del Mar and El Cabezo beach. Los Abrigos also gets a new more direct link to Granadilla with the 410.


La Escalona


A lot of the new services have been targeted at tourists but they will benefit the local residents as well. The El Mojon clinic and new South Hospital just above Los Cristianos will now see a bus every 30 minutes. Walkers and explorers will be able to indulge themselves, La Escalona is a nice stop off between Vilaflor and Arona town, they should gain a few visitors with four routes passing through.


Bus station


Don’t worry we don’t expect you to memorize all this for a test, there’s a new helpful timetable booklet at bus stations and kiosks and a special website. New signs have gone up at bus stops and a team of helpers have been patrolling the main stations to answer questions. As a big fan of the Tenerife bus service I have bought a new multi-ride Bono saver card and can’t wait to explore some of the new routes and possibilities.

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  1. Alan says:

    Hi, thank you for the information. However, the link to “a special website” does not work. Just so you know. It would be a good link to have 🙂

  2. Michael woolmer says:

    Great news, but I suppose they have missed out the extra bus stop at the top of the hill when all the busses pass Summerlands

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