What is Tenerife Like in May?

Mon, April 30th, 2012 - By Jack Montgomery

On an island that has no ‘out of season’ period, May is about as close as it gets to being quiet in terms of visitors to Tenerife. Which is surprising when you consider that the weather is perfect and there’s absolutely masses of fiestas, festivals and cultural events going on. It’s worth noting that in some places, locals shut up shop for a few weeks towards the end of the month. It’s not so much of an issue in the purpose-built resorts but in places like Puerto de la Cruz that ‘recommended’ restaurant you were looking forward to trying might be shut whilst owner and staff take their holidays. It’s not really a problem anot everyone takes their holidays at the same time.

Weather on Tenerife in May
On the cusp of a hot summer, May is a lovely time to lay down the towel on Tenerife’s beaches with temperatures staying around a perfect mid 20sC and nights getting warmer as the month progresses. Rain isn’t banished for the summer yet and the occasional short, sharp downpour can still put a dampener on things – but only briefly.


How Busy is Tenerife in May?
May is one of the ‘quiet’ months on Tenerife when visitor numbers can drop by 100,000. British, German, Belgian, French, Irish, Dutch and Spanish holidaymakers reduce significantly but the biggest drop is amongst Scandinavian tourists whose numbers plummet in May. But to keep it in perspective, even with a 100,000 decrease, there are still over a quarter of a million holidaymakers touching down on Tenerife’s shores so it’s not exactly like a graveyard.


Fiestas on Tenerife in May
Ironically, despite a drop in visitor numbers, May is a lively month as far as fiestas are concerned. The month gets off to a loud and very spectacular bang on the 3rd with a three-hour firework display in Los Realejos which has traditional and musical events throughout the month. Also enjoying a month of partying is Santa Cruz which celebrates its founding. In both places, and also in Puerto de la Cruz and Granadilla de Abona, crosses are dressed up for the Fiestas de la Cruz (2nd/3rd)


Concerts & Music Festivals on Tenerife in May
There are loads of events on Tenerife in May, from rallies and triathlons to artisan fairs and beauty contests. The big music gig is the Rock Coast Festival from 24-26 May in Santa Cruz which features  Iggy Pop, Marilyn Manson, Ben Harper and the Smashing Pumpkins amongst others. Art in the street makes a welcome return to Puerto de la Cruz with the MUECA festival which guarantees a heavy dose of open air surrealism from 11 to 13 May.

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