Ten Wines to Buy on Tenerife

Wed, August 31st, 2011 - By Andrea Montgomery

Unlike the vast choice of wines available to consumers in the UK, you’ll see very little evidence of the viticulture of France, Italy, Australia, Chile, Argentina or California on the shelves in Tenerife, or if you do, they’ll have price tags that could pass for the vintage.

Instead, in most supermarkets you’ll find a choice of Spanish, Spanish or Spanish. Tenerife produces some excellent wines which can hold their heads up on the world market but they tend to be more expensive than mainland Spain wines due to the smaller yields. But choose wisely and you can enjoy Canary wine without breaking the holiday budget.

So if you enjoy a glass of the fruit of the vine, here are some good budget buy suggestions of wines which are widely available in supermarkets across the island.

Five for under a fiver
Castillo San Asensio Rioja – A perfectly quaffable Spanish Rioja, best served lightly chilled and available from most supermarkets at around €1.94 – €2. Light and fruity.

Siglo Rioja Tempranillo – One of the cheaper labels in the Siglo stable but still having a smooth, soft finish and coming in at under €4.

Castillo de Liria Blanco– A light, crisp and citrus white which is such good value you’ll be pouring it on your cornflakes. Best served chilled to the bone, you can pick up Castillo de Liria for as little as €1.35 a bottle.

Campo Viejo Rioja Crianza – Another Rioja but with a richer plumb taste than the San Asensio and the Siglo. A good one to go with the barbecue and coming in at around €3, well worth being generous with.

Faustino VII – Here on Tenerife you can pick up a Faustino VII for under a fiver. Classic, timeless Rioja – smooth, smokey and fruity.

Five from the Canaries

El Lomo Tinto  – A young wine from the Tegueste bodega near La Laguna which is as smooth as Sean Connery’s Bond. This one slips down all too easily and comes in at around the €6/€7 mark.

Viña Norte – The consistent award winning label whose vines fill the valley above Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Ursula, Viña Norte wines can present a pricey option but you can pick up a fresh, light Rosado (rosé) for around €5/€6 and a red fruit-rich Tinto Tradicional 2010 for around €8.

El Grifo Malvasia Seco – White wine lovers will fall for this Lanzarote classic with its sunshine citrus fruits and essence of volcano minerals. Find it in the supermarket for around €9.

Cumbres de Abona Tinto 2010 – A medium bodied, intense aroma, Listán Negro wine from the San Miguel de Abona Vilaflor region with a gorgeous blackberry colour and full fruit taste. Price tag in the €5 to €7 range.

Tajinaste Tinto Tradicional 2010 – Another smoothy from the La Orotava region with rich forest fruits flavours and a price on its head of around €7/€8.

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