Ten Tips for Eating Well on a Budget on Tenerife

Wed, December 31st, 2014 - By Jack Montgomery

It is easy to eat cheaply on Tenerife, but the quality of what turns up on the plate in front of you can can often be mediocre at best.

However, it is also possible to eat very well on Tenerife without forking out a lot of money.

Here are ten tips how.

Menu del Dia
The menu del dia is a good option anywhere in Spain. You get two to three courses with a drink and bread for a handful of Euros. These can start from around €5. The food isn’t fancy but, if you stick to traditional Canarian or Spanish restaurants, you usually get decent and hearty local fare.


Cherne, Menu del Dia, Buenavista del Norte, Tenerife


Ordering a selection of tapas dishes is another way to try a mix of good local food without spending a lot. If there’s a ruta de tapa near where you’re staying take advantage as a tapa with drink is usually around €2.50. If not, look for restaurants doing tapas deals – offering a selection for low prices.

Agricultural Markets
When shopping for a picnic or home cooking try agricultural markets for the best fruit and veg or stick to Tenerife’s chain supermarkets (Mercadona, Al Campo, Hiper Trebol, HiperDino etc.) to pay the same prices as non-tourists.


Agricultural Market, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Petrol Stations
Every decent-sized petrol station on Tenerife has a café/restaurant attached which is usually packed out with locals. The food is often basic, a mix of typical traditional meals and snacks, but it’s good stuff and the atmosphere is buzzing.

Go South American
The links that Tenerife has with South America means that there are lots of areperas around the island. These serve one of my favourite street foods, arepas – savoury, filled, fried or grilled cornflour pancakes that cost next to nothing.

Fiesta Food
With fiestas comes food stalls. Even resorts like Costa Adeje or Playa de las Américas aren’t too far from a town that celebrates a few fiestas over the course of a year. Follow your nose for the likes of cheap spicy pork kebabs or salty sardines.


Fiesta food stall, Tenerife


Eat in a Guachinche
Nearly all guachinches are in the north. The area around La Orotava has lots of these makeshift restaurants located in garages and allotments. Authentic ones only have a limited menu so visiting one can be a bit of a magical mystery culinary tour.

Go on a Picnic
Pick up some goodies at the local supermarket and head into the hills to one of the island’s many zona recreativas (picnic areas), usually in natural beauty spots, for some al fresco dining.


Churros, Tenerife


Eat Junk Food
Not any old junk food, or mass produced American imports, but good quality, home-produced junk food. Churros (with or without chocolate) are a great and tasty carb hit as are chunky, beefy home-made burgers. Look out for churrería signs for the Spanish version of a fried doughnut hit and hamburguesas caseras for quality burgers.

Where the Locals Eat
Finally, if you want good food at low prices follow the Spanish speaking locals. Generally Canarios expect good value and big portions. The more traditional the area, the better the choice of Canarian restaurants serving excellent food at the sort of prices that would get you only mediocre nosh in some tourist areas.

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