Ten More Popular Questions About Tenerife

Fri, July 10th, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

Travel forums are wonderful things, real holidaymakers answer real questions about their favourite destinations. Most of the time the information provided is invaluable.

Most, but not always. I’ve seen misinformation relating to all the following questions on various advisory sites.

Q1: Is it windy on Tenerife?
Generally speaking, no. Tenerife has areas which get more wind than others, mainly the east coast, which is why El Médano is a windsurfer’s paradise. The west and north tend to be least windy. There’s usually a clue where the windy spots are; windfarms.


Windsurfers, El Medano, Tenerife


Q2: Can I buy fresh milk in Tenerife?
Yes, but not everywhere. Some bigger supermarkets stock both semi-skimmed and full fat milk. Mostly though it’s cartons of UHT. Soy milk is also widely available.

Q3: Is there a club scene in the north of Tenerife?
The usual answer to this is the south is for clubbing, the north is for tranquil holidays. There’s just under a million people living on Tenerife, most in the metropolis area (La Laguna, Santa Cruz) and along the north coast. There are plenty of clubs in the north, but they’re not aimed at tourists.


Open air clubbing, north Tenerife


Q4: Are there places in Tenerife where you can get away from the 18-30 scene and all day Brit breakfasts?
You’re more likely to see stag and hen dos in Barcelona than in most places on Tenerife. Tenerife as Britain in the sun is simply an inaccurate image.

Q5: Is it a long transfer time from Tenerife South Airport to Puerto de la Cruz?
It’s a matter of opinion. It takes me 50 minutes by car, an hour and forty five by public bus, less if I do a deal with one of the coach pick ups. It depends what you consider a long transfer time. Compared to travelling to a Greek Island where you might have to catch a ferry to reach the final destination, it’s not that long.


Bono card, Tenerife


Q6:What is a bono card?
It’s a card which gives users a substantial discount on public transport (bus and tram). There are various bono packages but most visitors use the €15 or €25 cards. A single trip from Playa de las Américas to Santa Cruz costs €9. With a bono it’s €5.95 (figures at Dec 2014). More than one person can use the same bono and it’s valid for a year.

Q7: Can I visit Tenerife on a day trip from Madrid/Barcelona?
Technically you could fly here and back to the mainland on the same day. But this question is usually asked by someone (mostly from the USA) who thinks the Canary Islands lie off the coast of Spain and not Africa.

Q8: Are weather forecasts for Tenerife accurate?
Any which give just one forecast for Tenerife should be ignored. Most forecasts aren’t worth paying attention to. But some are. The Spanish Met Office website AEMet is my personal favourite.


Paella restaurant, Tenerife


Q9: Where can I get Paella?
Paella is a Spanish dish not a Canarian dish. Saying that, it’s commonly available. If you want the local version look for Canarian restaurants which specialise in ‘arroz caldoso’ dishes.

Q10: Is it cold on Mount Teide?
Yes and no. In July it’s 20C at crater level and 10C on the summit. In January it’s 7C in the crater and 2C on the summit. If you step off the cable car in a flimsy tee-shirt and just stand around, it’s going to feel cold. However, those are shade temperatures. When the sky is clear the sun feels warm at any time of the year, especially when you’re walking in Teide National Park. Take a jacket or jumper, you can always take it off.

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  1. Mary Sivier says:

    We found that the Bono card is no longer valid for a year and lost 35 Euros earlier this year because of that, it’s now only valid for 3 months!

    • That’s interesting Mary. In the section on frequently asked questions the official Titsa website states that cards are valid for one year from the moment they are first used. We’ll check that out directly with the bus company. It wouldn’t be the first time something had changed but official sources hadn’t updated their information, or that a member of staff had just got something wrong.

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