Ten Panoramic Cafés on Tenerife

Fri, October 17th, 2014 - By Andrea Montgomery

Few things say “I’ve arrived on my holidays” better than drinking in a sun soaked view along with your morning shot of caffeine. Whether it’s mountains, ocean or crater, the landscapes on Tenerife are a tonic for the eyes. These are just a few of my personal favourite places to get coffee with a view.


Mirador cafe Los Gigantes


Mirador Los Gigantes. A view that never ceases to bring a smile, is that of the sleeping giants that stand guard over Los Gigantes. The mirador on the hill is the ideal vantage point to drink it all in.

Teide Cable Car Cafe. No matter how often I visit this place I’ll never get used to looking out over the extraordinary landscape of Teide National Park. There’s only one other place on the planet where you can so easily get this ‘up close and personal’ with a volcanic crater, and that’s Hawaii.


El Corte Inglés, Santa Cruz


El Corté Inglés Café. If you’re heading to Santa Cruz for a sneaky, sunshine city break, head to the top floor of El Corté Ingles next to the bus station and you’ll get 360° views over the city and very nice coffee and cakes into the bargain. A great way to orient yourself with the city.

Mirador El Lance. Proudly defiant, the imposing figure of Mencey Bentor marks the spot where he chose to end his life rather than live under Spanish rule. It also happens to be a spectacular, Los Realejos viewpoint over the lush north west coast. Panoramic windows in the café cash in on the vast vistas.


Teide Parador cafe


Teide Parador. To quote Carl Pilkington: “I’d rather live in a cave with a view of a palace, than live in a palace with a view of a cave.” The only problem with the view from the cable car café is that you can’t see Mount Teide. Move along to Teide Parador and the problem is solved.

Casa Carlos, Cruz Del Carmen. You could stop just about anywhere in the Anaga Mountains and get brilliant views but if you want great food, a cold beer or a fragrant coffee to go with them, stop at Casa Carlos on the Taganana road.


Chirche Mirador


Mirador Chirche. A prettier little viewpoint you’ll be hard pressed to find and, without transport, you’ll have to work to get to it as it nestles at the top of a steep hill above Chirche village in Guia de Isora. But the views over the south to the ocean make it all worthwhile.


Mirador San Pedro, Los Realejos


Mirador San Pedro, Los Realejos. Spectacular views across the banana and palm filled, north west coast, nice tapas and bocadillos and good coffee. What more could you want? Okay, it’s a brilliant sunset spot too.

Restaurant El Guanche, Masca. Hidden in a delightful garden and perched on top of the ravine, Restaurant El Guanche is far enough away from the centre of Masca to evade most visitors, leaving you to enjoy its solitude and spectacular vista in peace.


Alberto's cafe, Puerto de la Cruz


Alberto’s Bar, Puerto de la Cruz. A completely self-indulgent choice, this little bar with its panoramic views across Puerto de la Cruz is a magnet for afternoon coffee drinkers and cake eaters. And it gets the last of the sun’s late afternoon rays. Bliss.

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