Tasting the Freshness in Tenerife

Wed, November 21st, 2012 - By Linda

One of the fun things about self-catering holidays is trying out new foods, and enjoying them with a glass of  local wine whilst watching a gorgeous island sunset. In fact, if you like food as much as I do, you can even make it a focus of your vacation. Sourcing fresh, island foods will give you an insight into heart of Tenerife, and provide you with excursions with a purpose.

Speaking of local wines, many Canary Islands vineyards now welcome visitors, and the wine is cheaper than from the supermarket shelf. In the south, stop off at the Cumbres de Abona vineyard in Arico, just up the autopista from Reina Sofia airport. Their whites have won awards, but last year their red was excellent too.

Goats on Tenerife


What better to go with a glass of wine than local goats’ cheese? I had my quirkiest food excursion when, stopping by the roadside to take snaps, we noticed a sign which said queseria (a place which makes cheese). The arrow pointed down a dirt track which looked like the road to nowhere, but we decided to take a look, and found a small farm, balancing on the side of a ravine. We bought cheese as fresh as you can get it, and were invited to enter the pen where the goats were kept – a memorable experience.

These days I buy my honey practically straight from the hive. I picked up a card from a local apiary displaying at a food fair in El Médano last summer, and I set off to find them in Aldea Blanca, about five minutes inland from Golf del Sur. I was shown into a spotless room where 3 large vats shone, to choose my favourite. The taste varies with the season, according to whatever is in flower.

Honey fresh from producers on Tenerife

Perhaps the best-known vendors of fresh food are the fish stalls by the harbours of Los Cristianos and Las Galletas, close to Costa del Silencio . These two former fishing villages still have small quay-side markets, where the fishing boats bring their catches. You need to be early to get the best bargains, but it’s well worth the early rising.

If you want veggies as fresh as those fish, try Agoabona Cooperativa, just outside the village of Granadilla de Abona, where squashes, beans, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes and a multitude of other fruit and veg are organically grown. You can go right out to the field and choose your own, how fresh is that?

Pick your own vegetables, Tenerife


If you prefer everything under one roof, but still want fresher than supermarkets, try one of the weekend farmers’ markets around the island, in the south you can find them in San Isidro, Adeje and Las Chafiras. Small, local producers bring their goods to sell at these markets every weekend, including cheeses, wine, sauces and olive oil.

Wherever you shop enjoy the freshness of Tenerife!

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2 Responses to “Tasting the Freshness in Tenerife”

  1. Brian Eatob says:

    Where is the queseria you mention in your post of 21st Nov. as we would like to go there, place name or road number would be great.

    Regards Brian

  2. Hi Brian!
    It’s very off the beaten track – there is no road number, in fact, it isn’t a road in the sense Europeans think of roads. It really is a dirt track and very bumpy, not somewhere to go in a slow-slung car that’s for sure! However, you take the old, main road from San Miguel de Abona to Granadilla de Abona, and as you reach the Barranco Orchilla bridge you will see the sign on the right. Simply follow the dirt track for about five minutes, past another finca of sorts and you will come to the queseria. It’s very much a small, local artisan, not all stainless steel. We talked to the guy about the differences EU rules had made, in fact, and it was interesting. If you have doubts about the fitness of the road for your car, they sell their cheese in the local, weekend farmers’ market in Las Chafiras. Their “denominación” is TF-05. The market is Saturdays and Sundays from around 8 to around 2 or 3, and they do have variations – smoked and cured, which I usually prefer to the soft queso fresco – all I can say is, I never had it so fresh before!
    Hope you find it and enjoy your cheese.

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