A Taste Of History On The Dorada Brewery Tour

Mon, October 29th, 2012 - By Colin

Welcome to Dorada Land proclaim the large advertising banners at Tenerife South Airport. The local brew has become as iconic as the peak of Mount Teide that appears on the bottles and pump clips, and now it is beckoning regular tour parties into the brewery on the upper edge of Santa Cruz.


Dorada brewery, Tenerife


The steel tanks gleamed in the sun and the tall red tower was shedding its load into a lorry. The tour guide explained this was used malt that is passed on for animal food, one of many recycling schemes around the brewery. Inside the reception room a short video added some history, the brewery was founded in 1939 but with equipment needed from Germany, production couldn’t start until 1948. Back then it was on a smaller site across the road, a copper fermenting kettle still stands as a reminder. Water is drawn from a soft water spring close to both sites.

Dorada brewery, Tenerife


Things warmed up as we entered the cooking area. Water, malt, yeast and a mix of German and Czech aroma hops were churning in a vast tank. Six brews are made a day in several tanks, each process lasting 10 hours. After 21 days fermenting 330,000 litres are poured into 700,000 bottles daily. The whole brewery was spotless and shiny and by the time we emerged from the lift on the third floor we had raided one of many dispensers for yellow ear plugs as we entered the bottling plant.


Dorada brewery, Tenerife


Conveyor belts moved a procession of clinking bottles along through cleansing, labeling, and filling before stacking ready for delivery to 13,000 outlets around the seven Canary Islands. Next door the laboratory was hi tech with vats monitored on computer screens, control involves automatic, manual, and quality control checks.


Dorada brewery, Tenerife


Hmmm…I wonder what the last room could be? My twitching taste buds were spot on, the museum and bar awaited with a glass cabinet wall full of bottles through the years, Carnaval specials are always collectable and the latest set of seven features scenes from the islands. Even the 2012 Olympians would struggle to match the collection of brewing medals on show and the ceiling was covered in old malt sacks and suspended bottles. Just to be polite we tried a few glasses of Dorada, it tasted all the nicer thanks to our newly found knowledge.

Before leaving the courtyard I was struck by a poster marking 3 million bottles of Carlsberg produced on site, a reminder that as part of the SAB Miller group Compania Cervecera de Canarias also distributes Guiness, Peroni, Appletiser, Red Bull, and Kilkenny as well as its own Dorada , Dorada Especial and Dorada Sin (alcohol free).


Dorada brewery, Tenerife


Dorada Brewery – Conservatorio tram and bus stop, 5 mins above Santa Cruz centre.
Tours – Initially weekly at 10am or 12 am for 90 minutes. Cost 3 euros. Spanish and English guide.
Booking – Online at www.dorada.es  or www.facebook.com/cervezadorada
The automated system is tricky, if your date isn’t showing you can try again with fewer people in your booking.

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  1. Stuart says:

    UPDATE JAN-2016
    Tours now cost €10 and €5 for locals
    Run only on Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 12pm & 5pm
    Booking required: http://www.dorada.es

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