Surf’s Up in El Médano with the PWA Tenerife World Cup

Fri, August 2nd, 2013 - By Andrea Montgomery

If you’re heading to Tenerife this weekend or already enjoying the sizzling summer sun, El Médano is the place to be next week as the PWA Tenerife World Cup takes to the waves to witness some truly spectacular windsurfing. Staging the event in El Médano for the third successive year the PWA road show will be camped out from 3rd to 9th August hoping that next week’s forecast trade winds will help to whip up a storm of competition.


El Medano


According to the PWA, the sailor who for the past two years has bagged top spot in the Tenerife competition, Philip Koster, is the man to watch as the competition gets underway. The German 19yr old lives just 100 metres from the beach in Gran Canaria where he has apparently perfected such moves as the ‘ankle dry double forwards‘ and the ‘push loop forwards‘, whatever they are. Hot on Koster’s board, according to the TWA, will be the 28 year old Spaniard, Alex Mussolini. By all accounts we can expect to see Alex performing ‘frontside wave 360s‘ and ‘takas‘. Event organizer and local boy, Dany Bruch will be hoping to use his knowledge of the conditions to good advantage and to notch up some ‘one-handed, one-footed back loops‘.


windsurfing El Medano


For the women, PWA are touting the Ruano Moreno twins as the ones to watch. The surfing equivalent of the Williams sisters, Iballa and Daida dominate the sport in these parts with Iballa current World Champion title holder and Daida snapping at her heels all the way. We can expect Iballa to dazzle us with her ‘goiters‘ and ‘frontside wave 360s‘ while Daida battles to topple sister’s crown.


Windsurfing El Medano


And if, like me, all these moves sound more like medical procedures than sporting moves to you, rest assured, you don’t need any technical knowledge to enjoy the spectacle of the PWA Tenerife World Cup. All you need to know is that there’ll be loads of beautiful people on the beach; incredible windsurfing acrobatics and a party atmosphere around town for the next 7 days.


PWA World Cup – El Medano Tenerife 2013 trailer from BJ Productions on Vimeo.

Even if you’re not a surf dude by nature, there are multitudes of attractions and distractions to keep the family happy, from great beach side walks along to Montaña Roja and beyond to Playa La Tejita and excellent places to eat like El Timón for lunch, Flashpoint for a lazy brunch, Wairua for some of the best pizza in South Tenerife and La Bohême for irresistible crêpes.

So pop along and enjoy the surf dude atmosphere. Just don’t bother blow drying your hair before you go – El Médano will do that for you 🙂

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