Not just Sunshine, but Sunsets & Sunrises on Tenerife!

Sat, November 26th, 2011 - By Linda

Photography, as a hobby, has grown at a phenomenal rate since digital cameras became the norm. It was prohibitively expensive for me pre-digital because of the cost of developing but now, I rarely make an excursion on Tenerife without my camera.

The Canary Islands, and especially Tenerife, have become fashionable in photography circles recently. YouTube has been especially full of pictures of the Milky Way, taken from the Teide National Park in Tenerife or from the clear mountain skies above La Palma. It isn’t necessary to be as expert as the professionals, nor to stay the night in Teide National Park to get stunning pictures.

Other than the night skies, outstanding photo ops here are the sunrises and sunsets. Friends who worked for a cruise line, who’d travelled the world over, said the best sunsets they’d ever seen were in the Canary Islands, and the south of the island has plenty of places to photograph both.

My favourite place to capture the sunrise is on the beach at La Tejita, near El Médano, where Montaña Roja provides a nice juxtaposition for the fiery sky, but almost anywhere along the south-east coast will guarantee you a great shot on the right day. As a bonus, depending on the time of year, you will get the island of Gran Canaria as a backdrop. Earlier this year I ventured at dawn to La Centinela, in Valle San Lorenzo to see how it looked from there, and it was well worth getting up early for.

Sunsets are best photographed along the south-west coast, between Los Cristianos and Los Gigantes, where the island of La Gomera adds drama to your snap. The short, steep walk up Montaña Chayofita in Los Cristianos is worth it to catch the full panorama, and it’s a great place to practise your timelapse, but don’t forget a torch for the scramble down. Other good places are Playa San Juan and if you’ve stayed in the resorts on the hillsides overlooking Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje you’ll already know what I’m talking about.

For the most dramatic sunsets of all, however, you need to drive up into the mountains.  Just above Spain’s highest village, Vilaflor, there are dozens of roadside stops where you can look out over the Mar de Nubes see the peaks of La Gomera and La Palma rising from the Sea of Clouds and witness a sunset which fills the horizon. In fact, it’s worth going just to see it, never mind the photo op!

Doing that one evening, I turned around and was stopped in my tracks by the night sky behind me. It was a moonless night, and stars had crept out of their daytime hiding whilst I was being dazzled by the sun. The sky was black velvet studded by diamonds, and I gasped when I realized that what I thought was wisps of cloud was actually the Milky Way. My personal photo skills aren’t up to doing that justice yet, but if yours are, a visit to Tenerife could be the highlight of your photographic experience.

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