Sunset and Stars on Teide Tour

Mon, November 23rd, 2015 - By Jack Montgomery

It’s just after 5pm, the people around me are wearing fleeces and long trousers. The temperature is about 8C and dropping with the sun. A car pulls up and a man, woman, girl and boy get out to check if the cable car is still running.
They are all wearing shorts and T-shirts. The family clearly haven’t done any research into how the temperatures at altitude are significantly cooler than at the coast.

On the beaches of Costa Adeje and Puerto de la Cruz it’s 30C, unseasonably hot for November, thanks to the presence of a calima. The temperature at the upper cable car station is -2C. It’s lucky for the T-shirt wearing family that the cable car is no loner running as far as the general public is concerned. It is, however, going to transport us to almost the top of Spain’s highest mountain as we’re on the Sunset and Stars on Teide.

Dusk on Mount Teide, Tenerife

Base Camp to Sunset From the Top of Teide
The first part of the tour involves a ride to the upper cable car station where we’re met by a blast of icy air. Cups of warming hot chocolate and glasses of cava welcome us; a good way to make people  take time to acclimatise to the high altitude.
Normally the views would be out of this world, but the sandy calima below us has stolen the best of the scenery. It’s still impressive to be quaffing cava near the top of the world’s third largest volcano.

Sunset from Mount Teide, Tenerife

From the cable car station we walk for 20 minutes in order to watch the sun set over La Gomera. Our guide regales us with tales of local legends and points out smoking fumaroles. Once the sun drops below the horizon we make our way back to the cable car station.

Wining and Dining
The cable car ride down in darkness is quite an experience in itself. Inside the station building, drinks and a selection of tapas greets us. The food looks good, an imaginative take on local dishes, but I was a wee bit disappointed. Some papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) weren’t cooked properly and the carne fiesta pinchos (seasoned pork on skewers) weren’t as tasty as they should be. A sweetcorn and coriander soup was very good, as were  pumpkin cakes and a sweet mix called chupito Canario. A Canarian folk group added a soothing soundtrack to the scene.

Tapas dinner on Mount Teide, Tenerife

Star Gazing on Tenerife
After our tapas dinner comes the final part of the trip, a tour of the night skies courtesy of a local astrophysicist who enthusiastically explains what we can see in the night sky, pointing out a whale, goddesses and a winged horse before allowing us to get up close (relative speaking) to far away constellations using powerful telescopes.

It’s Saturday night and at the coast, cabaret singers in bars will be mimicking pop stars. Here at the top of the world we’re in the presence of Tenerife’s true stars. Magical.

Official Sunset and Stars guide, Mount Teide, Tenerife

Sunset and Stars on Teide
There are pick ups from most of the main resorts in the south and north of Tenerife as well as from La Laguna and Santa Cruz (but check before booking as friends staying in Garachico were informed they’d have to make their own way to Teide National Park). Tickets start at around €71. The whole package, with pick up and cable car trips included, is €130. You can book via the official Teleferico website.

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