Strolling the Geranium Walk in Playa de las Américas

Wed, January 26th, 2011 - By Jack Montgomery

Coastal walks along promenades are usually pleasantly easy strolls right? Not in the case of what is commonly known as the geranium walk which runs all the way from La Caleta in Costa Adeje to Los Cristianos in Arona.

According to various sources the promenade hugs the coast for somewhere between 10 and 12 kilometres. Having walked the length of it on a blisteringly hot August day (not the smartest time of year to do it) I’m opting for 12km – because that’s certainly what it felt like to my tender, tired feet.

Being a resort walk, the beauty is that when the going gets tough there’s always a bar or restaurant to collapse into on one side of the path and around twelve different beaches with soft inviting sand to flop onto on the other.

The other thing about the geranium walk, or the paseo marítimo to give it its official title, is that it’s a good way to get to know the personalities of the various resort areas it meanders through.
From La Caleta there’s El Duque, Fañabe, Torviscas and San Eugenio; all in Costa Adeje. Then, at the famous Veronica’s strip, the route continues through Playa de las Américas to come to an end in Los Cristianos below Montaña Guaza. Phew.

Most people don’t tackle the whole route, instead enjoying a relaxing and less taxing stroll along shorter, more manageable sections. For me the most attractive part, and the one that might surprise quite a few people, is through Playa de las Américas. It is – and this statement might cause a few gasps – the section of the paseo marítimo that looks least as though it’s in the centre of a tourist resort.

Almost immediately after Veronica’s, at the south western end of Las Américas, the manicured beaches end and a rugged coastline begins. The Surf School beach bar is a bohemian little rest stop perfectly placed for watching the surfers who frequent the seas in this area of the south coast. The palm-lined path continues until it reaches the attractive rock pool at the Chringuito Beach Bar outside of the luxury Villa Cortes hotel. It’s another inviting spot for some liquid refreshment and is especially enchanting at sundown.

After that an attractive sun bleached wooden boardwalk leads to an unexpected discovery; a series of large contemporary sculptures. They make this section of the walk feel like an open air art gallery. From there it’s a short-ish stroll to my favourite beach in the area, Playa del Camisón. Its location is such that you’d never know that the biggest resort area of Tenerife and possibly the whole Canary Islands lies just around the corner concealed by a combination of a row of palms and the fact that the beach lies on the tip of a promontory. It feels like an exclusive little slice of a tropical paradise.
Treating your feet to the soft sand and refreshing clear blue waters at Playa del Camisón is just the perfect way to end this lovely little promenade walk through Las Américas.

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