Strasse Park Café Lounge In The Green Heart Of Santa Cruz

Wed, August 12th, 2015 - By Colin

Like any bustling capital city worth it’s salt, Santa Cruz has a wealth of bars and restaurants so any new arrival needs to offer something different. Strasse Park has taken over the abandoned art exhibition hall on the north side of Parque Garcia Sanabria, an oasis of beauty and calm blessed with fountains, ponds, and sculptures.


Strasse Park Café Lounge, Santa Cruz


Chill out bars are all the rage along the Tenerife holiday beaches of the south, popping up in Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos and Palm Mar. That relaxed ambiance couldn’t find a better setting than tucked just below La Rambla de Santa Cruz, shielded by green shrubs and tall trees. My afternoon break on the way back from La Laguna, was enjoyed on the top floor at road level, the wide pavement and overhanging branches did a good job of filtering out any traffic noise and the speakers below the tables wafted out soothing modern tunes.


Strasse Park Café Lounge, Santa Cruz


The slatted wooden floor was scattered with functional white tables, chairs, and shades, bigger sofa like seats occupied the outer edges. Down below at park level a large open plan dining area spread out from the kitchen and bar which delivered food upstairs by a lift. I chose a cold coke and bocadillo with smoked salmon served on a bed of honey and mustard (cost €5.90). It was smaller than I was expecting but tasted good. There were other versions such as roast duck, vegetal, and serrano ham all at €4.90 and with pepper, tomato, or spinach among the guest stars.


Bocadillos at Strasse Park Café Lounge, Santa Cruz


Plates of Canarian cheeses or Iberico ham was another light option in two sizes; €8.90 or €14.90 for the Iberico will give you an idea of the sort of market they are aiming at. The large Santa Cruz park has a fast food family snack café at the port end and a cheap and basic kiosk at a road junction on a nearby corner caters for passing trade. There were a few tables in use downstairs this afternoon but the new arrival isn’t an obvious spot through the foliage from the pathways that dissect Garcia Sanabria.


 Strasse Park Café Lounge, Santa Cruz


At night time La Rambla is a busy thoroughfare passing the plush five star Hotel Mencey and onward to the trendy La Noria district, and clubs and music venues. Strasse Park should be able to entice many of the in crowd with its imaginative main meals like chicken satay with rice and coco curry (€11.90) or Wok carne fiesta with mole and lemon salsa (€12.90). I found the former art sala by chance and attended several exhibitions there that had very sparse crowds so maybe the setting that gives Strasse Park its charm will be its biggest challenge. It’s a bold move, and an adventurous boost to a beautiful part of Santa Cruz; seek them out and enjoy a restful break.

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