Where to Snorkel on Tenerife’s South Coast

Mon, July 11th, 2011 - By Linda

One of the things I most looked forward to about immigrating to the Canary Islands was having the opportunity to snorkel. It was one of my favourite vacation pastimes, and I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to do it regularly.

At first I was disappointed. We tried the well-known beaches of Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos but with so many people enjoying the beaches there, the waters were so churned up that it was difficult to spot anything interesting. So we tried the rockier coastline of San Miguel de Abona around Golf del Sur and found that most of the time the ocean and tides were far too unpredictable to make snorkelling safe enough.

Things have changed since those days. The new beaches along Costa Adeje and Las Vistas in Los Cristianos have been specially constructed and wave-breakers are in place to protect them. These have become natural habitat for fish, octopus and crabs. There are plenty of times when you are able to see more of the submarine panorama from the surface than when you are actually underwater.

The advantage to snorkelling on a blue flag beach is that there are safety patrols, if you choose a more remote beach you should never go alone and you should always be aware of the possible dangers.

My favourite spot remains in front of the Barceló Santiago Hotel in Puerto de Santiago, Santiago del Teide, especially at low tide, when the ocean leaves behind large rock pools, usually teeming with sea life.

I also like La Caleta, at the end of Costa Adeje, where you will find the local kids having fun and where a good fish meal can be had to satisfy that appetite you’ve worked up!

Of the popular beaches, the best I’ve found is Playa Veril. Sandwiched between the upmarket Playa del Duque beach and the developing Playa del Enramada, the wave-breakers there have attracted a wide variety of sea life. A friend reported seeing not one, but two turtles there just this week. There are also areas in Los Cristianos at the end of the beach which are good when the tide is right.

For beginners the perfect place is the seawater pool in Los Gigantes, where you spot lots of fish, without the dangers of the open sea.  True you have to pay to enter, but then you can also enjoy the facilities too.

Other than ocean currents which are always stronger than you think, be aware of passing boats and water scooters, especially the latter, speeding along, it’s easy for them to miss a snorkeller, head down. For this reason and also because you are exposing your back to the sun for long periods, wearing an old, brightly coloured T-shirt is a good idea.

Remember that weather, winds and the ocean can change in a split second. Enjoy exploring this new world but be aware of the potential dangers.

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    Where is a good place to rent near the best snorkelling I. Los Christianos.

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