Things To Make You Smile In Tenerife

Mon, March 3rd, 2014 - By Colin

A sense of humour, a bit of boldness, and the element of surprise; expect the unexpected in Tenerife. Here are five sights that always fill me with delight.


Museo del Pescador, Puerto de Santiago


1. Museo del Pescador, Puerto de Santiago
A touch of French whimsy in the west from sculptor and artist Bernard Romain. These fibreglass and resin figures look out over the sea and are a fine tribute to the local fishing tradition. Just on the brow of a hill, the frustrating corkscrew bend on the way from Playa de la Arena is soon forgotten as the Fishermans Museum comes into view.


Teatro Guimera Mask, Santa Cruz


2. Teatro Guimera Mask, Santa Cruz
Another well thought out tribute, this time by the very square and nondescript outside of the Guimera Theatre. The soul of discretion, this mask doesn’t flinch as thousands of tourists pose by it, near it, and even on it. Modern progress also means that the sleek tram passes within inches of it but of course our friend is unmoved.


Net menders sculpture, Las Galletas


3. Net Mending Statue, Las Galletas
I find this very relaxing but many people rush by and hardly notice it in the Ramblas area of Las Galletas, a row back from the busy café and bar promenade. It’s a tribute to the people behind the people who catch the fish from this delightful fishing hamlet between Los Abrigos and Palm Mar. Those nets don’t repair themselves but there are always patient family members ready to close off the escape route for the next catch. For the modern face of Las Galletas, check out the Marina del Sur and see if you can spot Neptune with his trident.


El Tanque, Santa Cruz


4. El Tanque Art Space, Santa Cruz
If the oil refinery eventually closes, at least this old converted tank can show the way in inventiveness. Now gutted, the huge space inside is a great setting for regular alternative art displays and the annual Kerexon music festival. The acoustics are amazing, it has an eerie other world quality and most exhibitions are free. Such an unusual neighbour for attractions like the Adan Martin Auditorium, the Palmetum botanic gardens, and the large department stores.


Adeje Music School, Las Torres, Adeje


5. Adeje Music School, Las Torres, Adeje
Ludwig Von Beethoven wouldn’t look so intense if he could turn and see the rainbow of colours that transform this stark modern building into a work of art in its own right. The school is near the roundabout on a busy road from Adeje to Playa Paraiso and Callao Salvaje but there is so much to see as paragliders float overhead, even the modern police station opposite is pleasing on the eye.

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