Try A Slice Of Panaria In Los Cristianos

Wed, February 20th, 2013 - By Colin

In these hard times it’s nice to see new life breathed into an old abandoned favourite, that’s the case with Panaria bread shop and café in the heart of Los Cristianos. If you struggle to decide what to put in a bocadillo or sandwich your taste buds will be in a spin trying to choose from breads made with olives, cocoa and orange, and even beer, they also have gluten free loaves.


Panaria, Los Cristianos


It’s a far cry from Bar Pancho, the tapas and beer temple of two football mad brothers who adorned the walls with historical team photos of Spain and Real Madrid. Sadly the large premises on the road down to the church plaza sat empty for well over five years but now it’s bright, warm and welcoming from the moment you see the outside tables under the awnings with their waitress service.


Panaria, Los Cristianos


Up the steps and inside the wide glass doors the long counter ranges from breads through American style cheesecake, doughnuts, pastries and tarts. To the right of the counter it opens up into a seating area that reaches back into the building, and round the corner there is even a children’s play area. There is free Wi Fi and daily newspapers as well and a wide choice of coffees, teas, fruit juice, and soft drinks.


Panaria, Los Cristianos


Panaria Panaderias started in Valencia and the franchise has now grown to 16 premises including two each in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz, and one in La Laguna, this is the first excursion into the south of Tenerife with the bread and cakes baked in Las Chafiras. The proud boast is that all products are 100 % natural, the presentation shows them off at their best with clear perspex counters and the menus and labeling is in English and Spanish.


Panaria, Los Cristianos


As well as picking and mixing to suit your daily mood there are several set combinations on offer to tempt you. For a snack combine a coffee with a portion of cake or tart for 2.50 euros, the breakfast deal is a sandwich (bocadillo) with coffee, mini cake and a drink for 4.00 euros, or for something more filling there is the lunch menu of coffee, a drink, full salad, or half salad with a sandwich for 7.25 euros.


Panaria, Los Cristianos


Back at the counter I was still dithering on what sort of bread to take home, I plumped for the three cheese round loaf at 2.50 euros. I got told off many times as a child for scalping bread to satisfy my liking for a buttered crust so I sliced this one and crunched through the well baked cheese encrusted surface to enjoy the soft tasty bread within with its marbling of yellow nuggets. A big dollop of jam would have been the perfect topping, I will be prepared when I try the next flavour.

Panaria, Calle Amalia Alayon, Los Cristianos; open daily 6.30am to 21.30 pm; tel 922 242 810

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2 Responses to “Try A Slice Of Panaria In Los Cristianos”

  1. Janet Steady says:

    Do you do fresh gluten free bread please

  2. Linda says:

    You have no idea how thrilled I am to read this! On Saturday I went to a Fiesta del Pan in Arico Nuevo, which was a very nice evening, but I came away very disappointed that the bread which made me drool most, a Greek bread with olives, wasn’t actually sold anywhere. It had just been made as an example of breads of the world. I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since…so now I know where to find it from the sound of it!

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